Thanks to listening to you on stage and then buying your products we turned our company NetProfits LLC into a $6 million per year (sales turnover) business.

Ian Orford

CEO, Netprofits LLC


Coaching is a process of helping you find the answers you need, unique to you.  It’s about asking the right questions, to get the right answers, to achieve the maximum from your potential.

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With 15 years of marketing experience it’s often easy to see how almost any business can immediately increase their profits.  Consulting is about seeing the big picture of your business and identifying ways to make it more profitable.

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Factor X Marketing offers a variety of information products to help you build an online business.

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Here’s the complete collection of products and services offered by Factor X Marketing.

Coaching and Consulting

Coaching helps you find the answers you’re looking for – to gain clarity on the future of your business, what you do best, and what you need to do next.

Consulting is for you if you see the value of an outside perspective that can improve your existing business processes and practices.

Big Ideas

You never know what you’re going to find here!  But it’s all good and intended to provide you with fresh ideas and perspectives.

Your Products

If you’ve purchased products from Factor X Marketing you can access your assets here.

Hey John – thank you for an excellent coaching talk on Tuesday.  It provided exactly the info and inspiration I needed.

Clay Boeschen

CEO, Hollywood Physique

How You Can Play Moneyball to Win

The basic premise of the book Moneyball, by Michael Lewis, is about identifying and taking advantage of undervalued assets. Traditionally, the game of baseball has put great value on power and speed. That makes sense because that’s where the excitement is. However,...
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Save Time with Gmail Filters

When you learn how to use Gmail filters you can save yourself an enormous amount of time.  By combining Google’s powerful search functions with the automation functions built into Gmail you can automatically handle messages your inbox by creating filters....
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Money Map X

You’ve probably heard me tell the story about my first 3 years online – If not, here’s all you need to know: MISERABLE FAILURE I was going at Internet marketing full-time PLUS – at least 70 hours per week, every week, for three years and I...
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February Crush

I have a bunch of ideas for the next few weeks but I need your input and ideas too – Here’s what I’m thinking – 1. Fire sale items aside I want to experiment with 20-minute webinars. It’s proven most people lose interest in any subject...
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Building Culture

Perpetuating Business Core Values discussion by Gino Wickman, Author of the business book Traction, and creator of the business training system EOS – The Entrepreneurial Operating...
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