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how-money-gets-made-onlineEach day you’re bombarded with offers that promise the latest and greatest.  You’ve bought a lot of them, or you wanted to, but have you gotten the results you want?

These pages are filled with the information every aspiring Internet marketer should be armed with before buying another product or service.

You need a plan.  You need clarity.  You need simplicity.  You need the big picture.  And that’s what “How Money Gets Made Online” was written to help you attain.

Please know this – there’s no hype here.  I’m here to help.  You can do this and I’m going to show you how.

If you have any questions please message me here.


  1. Steven Lucas

    Nice simple sales letter that’s not too sales-y. Even though it’s for a free product, I think you would do better by giving more hints about what’s inside. Obviously, don’t give away the farm, but intrigue your readers a little more and I’m sure your sign-up rate will get even better.

  2. factorx

    Thank you for your input Steven.

  3. tyannia

    can I become an affiliate for this free download e book?

  4. factorx

    Sure Tyannia –

    Here’s the link:

    All of my products are sold through JVZoo so if you sign-up for one you’ll be approved for and paid for referring any of them.

    All the best to you – John

  5. Wayne

    What is JVZoo? How does it work? Do I have to pay to join and earn commissions?

  6. factorx

    Hi Wayne –

    JVZoo is similar to Clickbank. It’s marketplace where affiliates can meet up with vendors. JVZoo handles the commission payments and link tracking.

    There is no cost to sign up. The vendor pays a fee to JVZoo when a sale occurs, but the affiliate is never charged.

    You enter your PayPal email address and that’s where your payment will be sent.

    It is up to the vendor to approve you for immediate payment, or delayed. If you’re new then it’s highly likely payment will be delayed (especially on products over $20) – usually until after the refund period to prevent fraud. Believe it or not people will buy a product from a friend’s link, the friend gets paid and withdraws the money, then the buyer requests a refund and the merchant is stuck with the full refund.

    Anyways – it’s free to join and request approval to promote any offer in the marketplace.

    All the best to you, Wayne – John

  7. Derek Perkins

    thanks john, there’s Plenty of marketing I need to know about.

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