Attention Affiliates and Joint Venture Marketers:

Are Product Vendors Siphoning Away Your Most Valuable Assets, Without Dishing You a Single Dime?

You Bet – And That’s Only The Beginning


Amigos y amigas . . .

You don’t need to learn a new language to understand this – it makes sense to any fool that when you can make more money doing what you’re already doing, you do it.

In fact, what I have to share with you works so powerfully well that you might wonder if it’s even legal . . .

Hi, this is X.

My customers know my name. Others may know me as “X”, author of the Adwords Black Book, The IMXFiles and theAffiliate Black Book.

You may not be familiar with me, but you can ask any successful affiliate marketer and they’ll tell you: X is legendary. (Internet marketing is a copycat business – why do you think so many products are named “black book” or “X” . . . EXACTLY.)

I am finally putting my face out there because, hell, let’s face it – it’s a good face. Ah, just kidding but I understand that some people – some who need my help the most – will choose to not do business with some anonymous character they don’t know.

Great – we can cross that excuse off the list and move forward . . .

Seven years ago I purchased the most powerful money-making software program I’ve ever owned.

It wasn’t a page generator, or a keyword research tool.

It wasn’t anything most affiliate marketers even noticed . . . but it totally transformed my business.

What was that tool?

Let’s just say that it was a tool for cloaking affiliate links – and it did some other very clever things too. Now, you’re right, “cloaking links” isn’t anything revolutionary – you can go find a free cloaking plugin on or use a service like

No, this is something far more profound that allows you to do what other affiliates cannot and some, due to complete ignorance, will not.

This is magic.

I saw potential uses for this technology that nobody else had seen – at least if they did, they weren’t sharing that information!

As a result of using this special form of cloaking YOU . . .

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves with gratuitous hype, let’s be honest about the current reality of affiliate marketing.

We’ve got states making things more difficult because local merchants who are WAY behind the times need to blame the failure of their business on somebody! (BAD)

We’ve always had merchants who undervalue and rip us off. (BAD)

We’ve got certain gurus who talk about us like we’re some kind of scourge to be eradicated. (BAD)

Oh yeah, and then we’ve got Google and their modern day witch hunt. (BAD)

Life has gotten much tougher on a lot of affiliates over the last year – even those of us who’ve been successful. (BAD)

I’ve felt the pain of my customers (BAD) and I’ve considered saying “screw affiliate marketing”. (BAD) I really have and I’m sure you’ve felt the same way.

But it’s because I see that happening en-masse – And it’s because I see people abandoning the dream of making a living online – or even extra money –(BAD) that my inner Tyler Durden has said &**^ that. (GOOD!)

Business is about one thing and it’s not making money – because if you can do this one thing, then you’re going to make a LOT of money. Money is a side-effect, a symptom of the cause that gets it right.

Business is about seeing a problem and fixing it. You do that and you will make money. Period.

There are a lot of businesses out there desperate for help. There are great products that aren’t selling. There are people looking for needed and necessary solutions . . .

(And no I’m not going to tell you to be a consultant, getting paid a one-time flat fee when you can cash in with complete control, month-after-month-after-month – FOR YEARS!)

And the only damned way any of these people succeed is if affiliates – like you and me – solve their problems and help everyone win.

So how, exactly, do the good guys win when the deck is stacked against them?


Then don’t appear to be an affiliate.

I know the thought in your head . . .

“How do I do that?”

Well, the truth is this: with the existing tools in your toolbox you can’t.

Your run of the mill link cloaker sure isn’t going to help.

When a merchant gives you an affiliate link to promote with you’ve been painted into a corner without knowing it.

Think about the limitations of an affiliate link –

  • Spotty tracking – nearly 30% of all sales are not tracked EVEN WHEN your link is clicked.
  • Requires a somewhat meaningless action – when you read a review, then buy a product, do you always click their affiliate link? NO!
  • Limits where you can send people – lousy squeeze page, lousy sales letter, pages selling 10 things you don’t care about selling.
  • Labels you – affiliate scum just trying to make a quick buck.
  • Makes you a target for theft – five fingered discounts anyone?
  • Lack of control – you’ll send people where we say you’ll send people, says your merchant pimp.
  • Erodes credibility – the only reason you’re promoting this is for a commission. I thought I could trust you.
  • Etc, Etc, Etc . . . if it weren’t so damned depressing I’d go on.

Nearly all problems for affiliates trying to sell a product WELL involve the exposure, risk and limitations of affiliate links.

Let me repeat that.

Nearly all problems for affiliates trying to sell a product WELL involve the exposure, risk and limitations of affiliate links.

Think about it.



If you use Soda Popper you’re going to have as much control as you *can* have as an affiliate – and that’s quite a lot.

If you don’t use Soda Popper then you lack control.


So why do you need to have control? . . . You’re investing your time, your energy and your money into building your business only to leave closing the deal up to someone else?!

Take the bull by the horns amigo!

Consider this scenario:

You’ve put the time and money into building a 30 page website that features one product.

Or maybe you’ve built out a network of sites – a link wheel – promoting that one product.

Or, you’ve put that same time, money and effort into writing articles that promote a product and submitting those promotions all over the Interenet.

Then the merchant decides they no longer want to pay out fees to Clickbank or Commission Junction and they take their program in house – or to another affiliate tracking platform.

Then what?

A. You don’t track down all of those links and they go to a dead page.


B. You do track them all down but it takes days to swap out freakin’ links.


You know what I’m saying if you’ve been an affiliate for more than a month or two.

Or how about that merchant decides to radically change their home page and it no longer converts. Some “web designer” thought some worthless 10-minute ego-boosting flash orgy was a better way to wow and awe the masses.

Well, if your affiliate link points to that crap then you’re stuck, ain’t ya pardner.


With Soda Popper you will be able to

A) Send people to any page you define and you can alter that page anytime you want *without* changing a link anywhere.

B) Ensure that your affiliate tracking cookie gets placed.



Someone once asked me – “How am I supposed to compete with the big players who can afford to spend three times as much on a click as I can.”

The answer is simple –

You need a better business model. You need to make a click worth three times what it is worth to you currently.

You need to find a way to make the numbers work.

Under normal circumstances an affiliate only gets paid once for a front-end sale. At least that’s how the affiliates who haven’t figured it out operate.

Right now, I’m figuring it out for you – I’m telling you THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE THE NUMBERS WORK FOR YOU . . .

Think about this . . .

I sell a number of products through Clickbank. About 12 of them and they’re all sold through 2 Clickbank accounts which we’ll just call account1 and account2.

As a MERCHANT this poses two problems.

The first problem is that Clickbank only allows you to define one destination URL to attach to your account.

Anyone using the affiliate link associated with account1 sends people to the landing page selling just ONE of my products.

So what if they want to sell a different product? What if YOU wanted to sell a different product?

Well, logic might say, “Dude, just create a unique account for each product.”


What happens then when we start cross-selling and upselling those other products? Affiliate only gets paid for one product – and that might not even be the product they originally referred for.

This is how it plays –

1. Affiliate sends me traffic

2. Visitor opts in

3. Visitor ends up buying something else

4. Affiliate gets nothing

That’s just not cool and it doesn’t encourage affiliates to help us sell.

Not winning! Duh!

And the second problem?

Charlie Sheen got in my head and I don’t even recall. Maybe it will come to me later.

The point here is that I actually want my affiliates to get paid for helping my business.

I know – it’s radical.

And then we have my Internet marketing gig here. I sell things through RAP (Rapid Action Profits), 1 Shopping Cart, and the $7 Script.

I’d like to give my affiliates a way to promote a lead generating product, like Soda Popper using the RAP platform, get their commissions paid immediately to their PayPal account.

And as an additional incentive I’d like them to get paid for anyone who then joins my membership site – but that’s tracked through 1ShoppingCart. Well, guess what? Soda Popper can handle that scenario.

And if you’re an affiliate promoting someone who’s selling products through multiple accounts or tracking platforms then you can get paid commissions you really should get paid.

And who is going to win the Battle Royale? The affiliate who can make the numbers work.

So here’s the deal.

Sales letters are boring.

We’ve done the headline, the subheadline and I’ve told you a little story. I’ve given you a little bit to read and if you know my existing body of work then you’re already convinced – and if you don’t then you’re sitting on the fence wondering if you should get this, if it’s just another waste of cash or maybe you should go buy up some new PLR because you still have a little space on your hard drive.

I could write on and on about the possibilities here but some of this stuff just requires a video.

Watch this – it’s not some hour-long wank around that disrespects your time. And it’s not laden with emotional button pushing images that suggest you’ll get sexed-up by super-models in Ferrari’s.

I’m just going to show you what this script looks like and how it works. If you decide to invest in it then we’ll get into a little more detail about some creative uses which basically do one thing – they can make you more money from the same traffic and the same lists. You’ll swear it’s magic. You might even swear that it’s so easy it must be cheating. It’s not – it’s just smart.

Watch now:


(Hey, go ahead and check out the other link cloakers being promoted on YouTube. You’ll agree – none of them compare and that’s why I decided to post this video on YouTube. It’s easy – and fun – to take the competition head-on when you know you’ve got a superior product to offer.)

  • Gives you control in the sales process
  • Increase the odds of being properly credited for the sales you earn
  • Disguises your affiliate status with Google
  • Adds credibility by removing the “he’s only promoting this to make a buck” stigma
  • Allows you to send people to the location most likely to result in a sale
  • Quickly manage and change links from one location that you control
  • Provides immediate click-tracking to measure response
  • Works with all affiliate tracking platforms that we tested
  • Unleashes your creativity and expertise as a marketer
  • Helps you get the credit you deserve on back-end sales too

Let’s be bluntly honest – you are advised to read the T.O.S. for each merchant that you promote. Some of them have screwy rules – and many of them make decisions based in fear. They simply don’t understand the many benefits to them. That’s why I’m including this section.

As a merchant, I will promote Soda Popper to all of my affiliates – and I will encourage them to use it for the following reasons:

  • Affiliates can easily direct prospects to specific product pages
  • Affiliates can send traffic to your Facebook fan pages
  • Affiliates can link directly passing the link-love to your site that an affiliate link does not
  • Eliminates the need for complex scripts that confuse less experienced affiliates
  • Allows affiliates the ability to direct people to value-added content you offer (videos, articles, downloads)
  • Gives affiliates additional incentives to promote your offers
  • Encourages skilled affiliates to improve upon your sales processes, increasing total sales


Soda Popper is not something that you should actually drink. It can help quench your thirst for commissions but it’s not for ingestion.

Neither John Barker, nor Factor X Marketing can, nor do, make any promises regarding earnings. There is no “average earnings” claim. Some people could kill it and most people won’t. You know why.

Some merchants forbid affiliates from taking certain actions. It is your responsibility to know what those actions are. Personally, I’ve used this type of software for seven years without a single legal issue. But, you know we live in a society where people like to sue other people for whatever they can. Know your legal rights and responsibilities. And basically do what you can to add value where you can.

We’re not responsible for you or your business. We offer the best tool and service we can and that probably won’t please some people but we wouldn’t do this if we didn’t expect to please the most.

The tolerance level for whining, crying and trouble making at Factor X Marketing is set near zero. Respect us and we’ll respect you. We’re not here to babysit anyone and if you have emotional problems you’d be wise to select an easier target. We will abuse you right back. Show us the love, and we’ll love you right back.

Soda Popper may not work on all web hosts and some hosts may require different plugin configurations. We are not responsible for resolving these issues. If in doubt, Hostgator shared hosting works great.


Hey X,I had a little niche site that was sending traffic to a Clickbank affiliate offer, and this pathetic little site hadn’t seen a sale in six months, despite having sent over 1500 clicks to the offer in that time. I knew the problem was the horrific lead capture process in place on their site; however I didn’t have an easy way of bypassing that.Anyways, I installed Soda Popper a couple weeks ago, which of course allows me to drop the affiliate cookie, all while direct linking to the actual sales page, thus bypassing the multitude of popups and whatever else they’ve got going there. Altogether, it took probably 10 minutes to install and set up my new affiliate links. Set it and forget it.Since then I’ve started seeing sales again! Thanks much for a very cool plugin, I’m sure there are more creative ways I can start using this as well.


Jonathan Boettcher

Now It’s Time for … Your Irresistible Offer

People are comparing this plugin to GoTryThis which only sold 1500 copies at $147 each.

If you look around you’ll find tons of link cloakers on the market ranging from $37 up $197 and more. Several even charge a monthly fee.

You’ve got my word that this link cloaker is unlike any other you’ve tried. It’s designed by an affiliate marketer who’s considered the original gangster when it comes to utilizing this technology.

Some people have asked how this compares to my other killer – Blog Popper. Soda Popper has a different design and a different function. Blog Popper was created for maximum covert operation. That kind of privacy comes with certain complexities. So I made Soda Popper super easy and efficient – yet also flexible and powerful for more advanced users.

What I’m offering is:

  • Soda Popper v1.0 with an unlimited use license. Use it on as many of your sites as you want.
  • Free updates on v1 fixes and fair discounts on future versions
  • A stupid-simple installation guide, if you need it
  • PLUS bonus videos (with valid email after purchase) that give you a number of killer use ideas. I could probably upsell you on this for $47 but it’s included.These include
    • How to use Soda Popper to gain link love
    • Bypassing squeeze pages
    • How to direct link to order forms
    • How to use with social media like Facebook, Twitter . . . even YouTube
    • How to turn product flops into product winners
    • How to setup your own sales process
    • Use Soda Popper to build big, targeted lists
    • How to use Soda Popper for real-time tracking
    • How to centralize your links and save huge time

Here’s what’s about to happen in your life, and it’s really pretty cool when you think about it.

1. You’re going to click the order link below.

2. You’re going to enter your PayPal or credit card info.

3. You’re going to click the “Return to Merchant” button after PayPal accepts your payment.

4. You’re going to download your zip file

5. You’re going to install Soda Popper

6. You’re going to do some super-simple configuration that’s all explained in the setup guide.

7. You’re going to setup your first link, see the possibilities and be up the rest of the night.

Steps 1-7, excluding play-time, will take about 15 minutes.

Soda Popper

Here’s what you get –

Killer script that’s really worth $147 and more – at least according to some.

And a step-by-step installation guide that makes setting this up and using it super-simple.

PLUS – these are some wicked nice graphics and

I just had to get them in here someplace.

Like I said, unless you’re driving blind in the dark this is a no-brainer. If you call yourself a serious affiliate, then you take action and buy this offer NOW.

All the best to you – X

Check me on Facebook:

Soda Popper

P.S. No bull here – I’m not attached to winning you as a customer. It is my opinion that Soda Popper is an essential and critical tool if you want to WIN at affiliate marketing. If you’re content with mediocrity, cool – more for the rest of us.

P.P.S. This is where I’m supposed to scare the hell out of you, tell you this offer is limited and all that. The only thing you should be scared of is overthinking this and making the wrong decision. But you already know that.


Soda Popper

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