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Ian Orford

CEO, Netprofits LLC

Power Over Everything

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Are you ready to become more effective and efficient? Would you prefer to work intensely for a few hours per day and reap those rewards indefinitely?

On New Year’s Eve, 1998, I quit my job with the vision of working 6-hours per day, 4 days per week. Instead I found myself drowning in work and ineffectiveness. The pain of that experience lead me to seek out ways to make my work, work for me.

Over the past two decades I’ve collected dozens of theories, ideas and strategies on how to make this happen and in Power Over Everything I share 10 of the most powerful ideas that have been put into practice to create a life and a business that runs almost on autopilot.

This “book” is a short read but the lessons are dense, useful and to the point. You can take these radical ideas and immediately begin to implement them to give you Power Over Everything.

Creating a Product Marketing Funnel

Simplify the product creation process by following these baby steps to success.

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Consultative Selling

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$1200 per month with affiliate marketing?

Q&A w/ X Robert wrote . . . "I open your emails--because you are you. (I have come to a place where I throw most marketers' emails away unopened.) I have just enrolled in ClickBank U 2.0 with intention of affiliate marketing. I want to offer something needed and...
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Building Culture

Perpetuating Business Core Values discussion by Gino Wickman, Author of the business book Traction, and creator of the business training system EOS - The Entrepreneurial Operating...
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Soda Popper In Action

This is why you use Soda Popper for every link you create. I just noticed a bunch of clicks on a link for a product titled Video Mystic (great product). Well, when I clicked the link I see a message that says "This Offer is Closed" As an affiliate, It sucks when that...
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Right People, Right Seats

Getting the Right People in the Right Seats is important throughout your life - it extends beyond business building to family, mentors, friends and social networks. Getting the right people in the right seats doesn't need to be cost-prohibitive.  Through outsourcing...
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How to Test Email Deliverability

Are your messages getting through?  Can you believe the deliverability claims your ESP (email service provider) makes? Here's how to test - visit: Add the email address they give you to your subscribers list Send a broadcast email to that...
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Save Time with Gmail Filters

When you learn how to use Gmail filters you can save yourself an enormous amount of time.  By combining Google's powerful search functions with the automation functions built into Gmail you can automatically handle messages your inbox by creating filters. Here's the...
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The Problem with Facebook Ads

As far back as 2008, and for some even earlier, many marketers using Google Adwords began losing their accounts. In 2010 I lost one of my accounts. I understand the frustration.  And I'm in the unique position of being able to evaluate the ads and the landing pages of...
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Affiliate Marketing vs Product Creation

Seventeen years ago I created my first information product. And then I created another. And another and another. Over three years I created six or seven information products that ranged from "How to Become a Straight A Student", to personal development and...
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