Thanks to listening to you on stage and then buying your products we turned our company NetProfits LLC into a $6 million per year (sales turnover) business.

Ian Orford

CEO, Netprofits LLC


Coaching is a process of helping you find the answers you need, unique to you.  It’s about asking the right questions, to get the right answers, to achieve the maximum from your potential.

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With 15 years of marketing experience it’s often easy to see how almost any business can immediately increase their profits.  Consulting is about seeing the big picture of your business and identifying ways to make it more profitable.

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Factor X Marketing offers a variety of information products to help you build an online business.

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Soda Popper In Action

This is why you use Soda Popper for every link you create. I just noticed a bunch of clicks on a link for a product titled Video Mystic (great product). Well, when I clicked the link I see a message that says "This Offer is Closed" As an affiliate, It sucks when that...
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Parkinson’s Law for Digital Marketers

- Very few people will suggest that you work less; even fewer will force you to work less.   Parkinson’s Law is very much about creating constraints to work within. You’re going to have to apply artificial limitations to your work in order to do it more efficiently....
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Affiliate Marketing vs Product Creation

Seventeen years ago I created my first information product. And then I created another. And another and another. Over three years I created six or seven information products that ranged from "How to Become a Straight A Student", to personal development and...
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How You Can Play Moneyball to Win

The basic premise of the book Moneyball, by Michael Lewis, is about identifying and taking advantage of undervalued assets. Traditionally, the game of baseball has put great value on power and speed. That makes sense because that’s where the excitement is. However,...
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Save Time with Gmail Filters

When you learn how to use Gmail filters you can save yourself an enormous amount of time.  By combining Google's powerful search functions with the automation functions built into Gmail you can automatically handle messages your inbox by creating filters. Here's the...
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