Thanks to listening to you on stage and then buying your products we turned our company NetProfits LLC into a $6 million per year (sales turnover) business.

Ian Orford

CEO, Netprofits LLC

We Solve Problems

Underneath every problem is a system that isn’t functioning properly.  We excel at identifying weak points in the system, fixing them and then exploiting loopholes for market advantage.

Who We Serve

We’re serious about serving customers who are serious about building a business utilizing online technology.  If you’re overly fussy, nit picky, whiny or an overall pain in the arse then we ask you to move along.  Otherwise, we’d love work with you!

Oh, and we really like winning so it would be ideal if you do too.


We’re On a Mission

Our mission is to empower you to live an uncommon life of freedom, abundance and adventure.



Now Available On Amazon

Are you ready to become more effective and efficient? Would you prefer to work intensely for a few hours per day and reap those rewards indefinitely?

Over the past two decades I’ve collected dozens of theories, ideas and strategies on how to make things happen and in Power Over Everything I share 10 of the most powerful ideas that have been put into practice to create a life and a business that runs almost on autopilot.

This “book” is a short read but the lessons are dense, useful and to the point. You can take these radical ideas and immediately begin to implement them to give you Power Over Everything.

How to Test Email Deliverability

Are your messages getting through?  Can you believe the deliverability claims your ESP (email service provider) makes? Here's how to test - visit: Add the email address they give you to your subscribers list Send a broadcast email to that...

Creating a Product Marketing Funnel

Simplify the product creation process by following these baby steps to success.

How to Choose Your Business

Suzanne asks . . . “I’m going through and implementing an e-com business and working thru and implementing an e-mail mkt/affiliate mkt business side by side. Should I totally focus on one or the other first? or is it ok to work side by side?” Great question, Suzanne....

Soda Popper Update

It has been reported that Soda Popper was throwing errors with a PHP upgrade to 7.1.  Our programmer has made tweaks to the plugin and everything appears to be working splendidly.  Soda Popper owners download latest version...

$1200 per month with affiliate marketing?

Q&A w/ X Robert wrote . . . "I open your emails--because you are you. (I have come to a place where I throw most marketers' emails away unopened.) I have just enrolled in ClickBank U 2.0 with intention of affiliate marketing. I want to offer something needed and...

Our Partners

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fast path to cash

Not a get rich quick scheme, but instead a smart and efficient system for creating information products, selling them, building lists and ultimately producing your own big ticket offer.

affiliate black book

If you don’t already have Internet marketing experience, this is the place to gain traction.  My methods are unique and aggressive, while also limiting risk.

business growth accelerator

A system specifically taylored to helping your Internet marketing business gain traction and grow.  You will learn to structure your business for optimal results.

one-on-one coaching

You may already have all of the information and tools you need to be successful, yet sometimes what we all REALLY need is an objective outside opinion with the experience to help you move.

What we do. How we do it.

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