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Robert wrote . . .

“I open your emails–because you are you. (I have come to a place where I throw most marketers’ emails away unopened.) I have just enrolled in ClickBank U 2.0 with intention of affiliate marketing. I want to offer something needed and valuable. At this moment, my heart leans toward a nutritional supplement and one weight loss program thru Click Bank to start. I would like to generate 1200.00 per month on a consistent basis. (I am thinking that if I can do that I can grow from there.) Does that sound reasonable to you?”


The Path to $1200 per Month (and Beyond)

Robert, that sounds totally doable.

Here are a couple recommendations:

First, do the numbers. Let’s say that weight loss program pays a one-time commission of $30. How many sales would it take to reach $1200 (in gross revenue)?


Let’s assume a conservative conversion rate of 1%. So you’d need 4000 visitors per month to achieve that. That’s not a crazy number of sales or traffic. Boost that conversion rate to 2% and you need half that traffic.

If you’re also building a list, and you should be, then selling the supplement on the back-end cuts the needed front-end sales and traffic too.

Of course if you’re paying for traffic it’s possible that one product or the other just pays for the traffic, and the other is where the profit comes.

The key to this is building the prospect list (and re-targeting is highly recommended too, in time). With that list you can work in other products or services such as workout plans, additional supplements, etc.

What Should I Use to Get People to Join My List?

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate one of your two products.

The easiest approach is to pull something from the information product itself.  It could address one, specific problem (those are the best opt-in incentives) – or it could be an overview – a checklist or a cheat sheet.

If you can demonstrate value from the products you’ll be selling then 80% of your job is done in securing the sale.

Last thing – keep it simple!  This may sound complex, to some.  Focus on one point to the next and it will all come together for you.

All the best to you – John

PS – Questions or comments?  Let me know in the comment section below.  I’d love to hear from you.

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