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It set off a worldwide frenzy.

Everybody wanted one –

Everybody wanted the chance to see inside the magic factory, to meet the enigmatic genius that thrilled young and old around the world with the unique and unusual.

Five gold tickets.


What if you possessed one?

Think about what happens when you have the right knowledge, the right experience, the right accountability and the right system.

If you had the right knowledge, the right experience, the right focus and the right system – you’d have in your hand a golden ticket.

That ticket could take you anywhere, anytime and allow you to do almost anything you want.

Three years.

I have six golden tickets to offer.

I’ve wanted to do THIS for three years.  No time – too busy.  I won’t have this time long.  This is a window that’s open now, we must act.

I have sold millions of dollars worth of other people’s products. I’ve sold well over a million dollars worth of my own products. I’ve helped multiple others build million dollar business of their own.

My 16-years experience offer you resources, expertise, and insight into how to get your business off the ground, or extract more profit from what you already have.


Keep reading if this sounds like you –

You would love for someone to point you in the right direction, help you sort out your options and choose the direction that will help you have what you want – fastest, cheapest and with the least work necessary.

Books are great, but you don’t want another book. You don’t want a membership, a home study course, or more audios and videos to watch.

What you want is to go all-in, total immersion, and achieve success – now.

Maybe . . .

  • You are struggling for first success. Confused and uncertain.

Maybe . . .

  • You are struggling to build on existing momentum – overwhelmed and frustrated.

Maybe . . .

  • You are struggling to grow your business – according to someone else’s ideas of what that means.

And you know that working with the right person is exactly what you need to break down all barriers because you KNOW you can do this.

If you put forth the effort, with the right guidance, you CAN do this.

This process is two-fold.

First, we meet as a group once per week. You surround yourself with successful people dedicated to producing results.

There is a theme each week – we start with offers, build a backstory, identify what your prospects and customers want
next, who they are and where to find them.

Then we hit traffic. I have a unique approach to traffic. My preference is paid traffic, but SEO isn’t rocket science. The key is to recognize the four types of traffic and to approach each type as they MUST be approached to have conversion success.

On the subject of conversion we cover the 5 levels of awareness and exactly how you reach those people. We focus on the 5 core pages you MUST have on your site for conversion, and exactly what those pages are intended to accomplish.

Finally we cover how to build lists and rapidly build trust.

Additionally we cover anything you need: improve offers, expand traffic, convert better and maximize revenue from your lists.

Because this group is small there is a framework to guide us but this is about what you need.

  • If you’re a relative newbie, I am confident you can produce your first money-maker.
  • If you’re more advanced, you can radically increase profits.

Second, each week you and I will have a one-to-one 30-minute consultation for up to three months. Our focus is ensuring progress, improving the quality of your work and moving you through sticking points.

My job, my objective, is to help you get done what you want to do – finally, you won’t just learn new ideas you don’t use but you will do it – you will get it done.

I will critique all of your work, make suggestions for improvements.


Here’s what I expect for you, as a minimum –

Within six months you will have recouped 100% of your investment.

I cannot make income promises – I am not making income claims. Nobody can guarantee that, but I make this offer with the confidence that you will succeed.

This is a one-time fee. You will get the information, the structure, the support, the immediate feedback, the experience and the know-how because you’ve done it and you’ll have that for the rest of your life.

One Better Than Wonka – Six

Now, here’s the thing. I must start this ASAP. My time is limited and I have only six golden tickets to offer. Over 5000 people are receiving this message – I can help only six.


Your Immediate Action is Required

Limited Spots Remain – Claim Yours

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