If You Don’t Like Writing,
Or Have More Important Things To Do…

 Writing is the universal way to communicate. With writing, you can convey information, talk to people all around the world, share your thoughts, and influence people to do things.

 Problem is, not everyone is good at or enjoys writing.

 If this is you, well… Then don’t write.

They say to work on your flaws, but in reality you need to work to your strengths. If you find that you’re an amazing photographer, then practice photography and find a way to make money with it!

Don’t waste your time trying to improve your writing, because you know what? If it doesn’t come natural and it isn’t your dream, it isn’t meant to be. Chances are that your writing won’t be as good as someone who loves to write; readers can tell when the words aren’t sincere and they don’t come across as appealing without the passion of writing behind them.

But the writing does have to be done… Otherwise you won’t get any traffic to your page, nobody will know what you do or want, you won’t get any sales.

 Have someone else do your writing, while you focus on what you have a passion for!

One of my passions is writing. Which is why I’ve decided to be a copywriter; I love writing and realize that it isn’t for everyone.

Many copywriters start their prices at about $97.00, whatever skill level they are… I don’t. While I write articles, sales letters, and promotional emails, none of them reach that price.

 Wait! For the first five people who buy, I’ve brought the price down on all orders!! (This is so I can build a portfolio of my work, hurry to get that incredibly low deal!)

 So! Take your order now, and then go focus on what you love to do. (No, you aren’t shelling out money or taking risky chances! You’re investing in a better, happier you… While giving me a chance to do the same.) 



You want an article that not only brings traffic to your site, but also produces sales? Yes, you can have that!  I will write an original, researched article using The Amazing Article Profit Persuasion Formula.  And you can get yours right here…

$45.00 $30.00 each


Promotional emails are a great way to get the word out about new products and sales, as well as put your stuff out there again for people to see… Sometimes it’s just the right timing and words that can convince someone to buy the product they’ve already seen five times!

$75.00 $48.00 series of four

Sales Letters

Need a great sales letter for your newest product? That’s really the only way to get it sold! Or maybe update an old one, to get higher conversion rates and keep it from getting outdated?

$275.00 $99.00




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