SOLD!CPA Tsunami by Mike Hill

  • Please note:  I have removed the printed materials from the binders that are pictured.  The binders were made of a funky paper material (not good quality) and they’d only add to the cost of shipping, requiring a larger box.  If you have a couple of 1-inch binders you’ll be better off.

CPA Tsunami is a course on CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing that will show you how to generate large amounts of traffic and sales using the power of CPA with you being the product provider.  (This is not about profiting with CPA from the affiliate side) CPA (Cost Per Action) is basically an advertising approach/platform where you pay only when a prospect completes your offer – from opt-in to purchasing a low-cost front-end offer. This is a great form of marketing because you have a very high chance of making a return on your investment by paying only for qualified leads. In the CPA Tsunami System, Mike will show how to make a lot of money online by taking advantage of the massive amount of traffic CPA networks can generate for you.

The CPA Tsunami System

Here are some of the main points covered by the course.

  •  You’ll learn how to get thousands of visitors a day to your sites?
  • Mike will show you how to set up a 3 page sales system that is fully automated?
  • You’ll also learn Mike uses the “Value Trojan” to add $500,000-$9,000,000 to any business!
  • And so much more!

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