Creating a product can be a daunting task.  Creating a product marketing funnel, overwhelming!  But here’s an approach that breaks the process down into more simple chunks.  You can do this!

First, start by outlining the basic steps to accomplish the solution you’re offering . . .

For example Dave Ramsey has his “Baby Steps”.  

Step one:  Build an emergency fund.
Step two:  Pay off all debt using the Debt Snowball
Step three:  3-6 months expenses in savings
Etc . . .

Simply create a one-page PDF with the steps and there you go – you have your first opt-in offer.

From there, here’s how your funnel shapes up:

Lead Gen 

It’s never too soon to start building a list.  Don’t wait until your product is done.  Create the best step-by-step outline you can.  Turn that into a PDF “report”, download.  Then expand on each point in your email follow-up messages.  Price point: Free. 

Lead Product

– Expand on the steps with 2-5 written pages for each step.  Recording audio and video is great, but it brings additional technical challenges.  Writing gives you control over the material and helps with developing your expertise.  Creating your lead product means adding details to your basic Lead Gen process.  Price point:  $5-200 

Expanded Product Package

– Detailed expansion including videos, checklists, worksheets, scripts, etc.  You will now have feedback from your subscribers and lead product purchasers.  You can now add more bricks to the package, and add audio and or video to the package.  Price Point: $97-$2000 


– Live help / walk through for a group.  Many people like to be a part of something and benefit from the support of a group.  The workshop covers the same basics but provides a framework and immediate feedback for participants.  Price point: $25-100 per hour, per person. 


– Personal help to get unstuck, clarity, a plan.  I’ve been a “coach” since before I was an Internet marketer; other coaches started hiring me to help them with marketing online.  Coaching is not about giving people a game plan – it’s about helping them find their own answers and solutions, with guidance.  Price point:  $100-$500 per hour; usually done in 30-minute segments.


– Evalution of current systems and recommendations on how to improve on results.  Unlike coaching, consulting *is* about giving answers, advice and solutions.  You’re the expert offering your expert opinion.  Price point: $100-$1000 per hour.

On Pricing

Price points are just guidelines.  Charge what you feel comfortable with, however my rule of thumb is to ask for double what you feel comfortable with.  If you’re not qualified you shouldn’t put yourself out as an expert.  But if you are qualified you’re probably short-changing your value.  It’s easier to negotiate down, than up, if necessary.  And usually I’m surprised by what people will pay.  

Also regarding pricing, especially related to hourly rates, never compare those rates to what a job pays hourly.  I made this mistake in the early days.  You incur unpaid time costs in marketing, communication, administration, preparation and more.  For every hour with a client you’ll spend at least another hour (or someone else will) supporting the client that’s not directly paid.


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