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If Product Creation Feels Like an Uphill Battle Then You’ll Love This NEW Approach to Creating High-Quality Reports and Ebooks – In 4 Hours or Less


Have you ever invested weeks, months, even years creating a new product (that you’re not even certain will sell)?

Have you purchased “Fast Product Creation” products before only to be disappointed by the low-quality output?

When creating a big-ticket product would you like to get paid sooner, as you create the product, with customer feedback that makes it better and better?

If you answered “yes” to answer to any of these questions, then you’re loving to LOVE what I have to offer you today because you’re not alone – and that’s why I created The Fast Path to Cash Product Creation System for people like you (and me!), with a need for high-quality products and reports that can be put together quickly while offering high-level value to our customers.

The Fast Path to Cash Product Creation System has completely transformed the way I approach product creation and I’ve sold well over $1 million dollars worth of my own products – so I know what I’m doing.  But despite that success I found product creation a huge, draining process until I decided to seek a better way.

To be upfront this doesn’t involve recording teleseminars, webinars or interviewing experts.  The end product is written material that can be used for reports, ebooks, bonuses, sold on Amazon for Kindle, and ultimately packaged with a series of reports to produce a full-blow, high-ticket product of your own packed with value.


The SIMPLICITY of the method is what makes it work so powerfully! This is great for all of us who write books and create products!

– pianorosa




Well Done X!

Love the product and your writing style, and I love that you’ve kept it simple!

There is so much stuff out on how to create products and everyone is so freaked out over it, that it’s turned into a big mythological dream that people can’t get past.

You’ve brought it back down to what it really is, a simple process that just needs to be logically laid out. It’s great that you’ve provided the outline so that everyone can sort it out in their own heads and get out of their own way. This is what people need to see.

Thanks for a great product and you definitely get my two thumbs up! Now I just have to get my thumbs to take action.

– Mark A Geisler




I read the 60 pager last night in bed on my phone. Was a quick read and kept my attention.

The best products on this forum aren’t the 30 video mega courses that take you a week to get through, and most people quit after an hour cuz they already found the next item! The best products are quick PDF’s that lay everything out simple and leave you no excuse to not take action.

Even though I have released WSO’s on here and am no stranger to product creation, this report woke me back up and kicked my ass in gear. I love this creation approach and am going to put it to work right away. No excuses.

– ShaneWilliams



OK, inside here’s what we cover (which is pretty much everything you could need to know, but I also include bonus tips and tactics to my special buyers list)

  • Success is a product of momentum; we put a spotlight on the hurdles every product creator must overcome and give practical, action-oriented tips for how you can gain traction – NOW.
  • The software tool I use to make writing faster, and editing far easier.
  • The approach I take to finding and compiling the best information on my subject.
  • How YOU CAN write a report, edit it, write a short sales letter and have a product ready for sale in as few as 4 hours (yes, multiple customers have done this too).
  • Why sitting down at the computer is the last thing you should do.
  • The 3 BIG reasons you probably don’t already have a half-dozen products to sell.
  • What I do for new inspiration – the best ideas and products are often a combination of two unique ideas merged into one.
  • Why I started writing “books” a chapter at a time – and selling chapters instead of books.
  • How I use mind maps to write the entire product and why I will never write another product using a word processor.
  • How to easily create a funnel that generates momentum for you.
  • How creating reports is a part of funding what I want to learn and do.
  • Developing the profitable “Collection Habit”
  • Why my idea of heaven includes 3x5 cards, whiteboards and Post-It Notes.
  • Why you should write a (simple) sales letter BEFORE you create your product (hey, 80% of my WSO releases have been WSO of the Day).
  • The “5 Questions” Sales Letter
  • The 4 painful emotions that make people buy things


OK Here’s my plan, and yours’ (this product is so packed full of unique and actionable information I don’t mind giving you the outline).


  1. Create mind map of all key information components to be included in the final full-blown product.
  2. Write a really simple sales letter for each report.
  3. Write 1 report per day, based on the mind map outline, until each and every key information component is covered.
  4. Sell the report in a market where buyers and sellers ALREADY meet.
  5. Repeat process, promoting new products to buyers
  6. Compile reports into one product, add some additional value and release full-blown product letting all existing customers know – and offering them a discount on the total package to generate momentum.


I had multiple ah-ha’s when I was going through this report and now realize where I’ve been going wrong all this time.

The product creation system in this report is powerful from a productivity and marketing perspective. You’ll see why if you get the report.

Was it worth the money? Hell yeah – and then some.

– Shaun OReilly




Bought the book on the 28th. Speed read it.. then started on the first step took about 10 minutes.. started on the second step; about 30 minutes.. started on the meat of the steps and that took about 95 minutes. Then polished my pretty little book and ended with a 14 page ebook in about 2 hours and 15 minutes… Fyi it normally takes me about 4 to 6 hours to write a book that length.

I’m a product creation person and this book was a huge help because it wasn’t something I tried before… I think this is something I will have to recommend to even my fiction Kindle writer friends. I can honestly recommend it to wanna be info product writers and full time product writers.

Thanks again “X”…

– sweetcrabhoney18


With the NEW Fast Path to Cash Product Creation System package you will receive the following:

  • Detailed 60-page guide, full actionable, printable, and highlightable
  • A fast, information packed and entertaining how-to guide
  • Follow-up emails that answer important questions asked by customers
  • Immediate download access
  • Free digital product back-up

And all of this is available to you, right now, for  . . .





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