I have a bunch of ideas for the next few weeks but I need your input and ideas too –

Here’s what I’m thinking –

1. Fire sale items aside I want to experiment with 20-minute webinars.

It’s proven most people lose interest in any subject after 20 minutes and I want to
experiment with Oren Klaff’s presentation model.

2. Stream/Record a live product creation session.

I’ll create a product with live interactivity in 4 hours. I’ll create the product using
my “Fast Path to Cash” system, meaning we’ll also have a sales letter done.

You can watch, listen, learn … even ask questions or make suggestions about things
you’d want to learn from the product.

3. Workshops.

Similar to number 2 let’s meetup, virtually, and focus on something like creating a compelling opt-in offer or setting up an Adwords campaign – let’s help you sit down, get the job down, with help and feedback to make it better (or just get it done!)

Hey, I’ve always kind of hated that February shorts us a few days – so lets show February something and squeeze everything we can out of it and generate some massive momentum that pays off for the rest of the year.

Now, I need to hear from you – share your ideas, requests, whatever. Let’s set ourselves on fire and crush this!


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