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I purchased product X, where can I download it again?

Login and visit “Your Vault” which will appear in the top navigation menu.  Either from the Vault page, or the drop down menu, you should see your purchased products.  If you do not see a product you’ve purchased please submit your purchase receipt via this help desk and we’ll get you taken care of.

If you’re an Affiliate Black Book owner/member you’ll find access here.

Where do I find a complete list of products you offer?

We love this question and we’re super-duper-gleeful that you asked!

Here’s our almost complete list of products.

One-on-one coaching is also available.

And then, of course, there’s the mighty Affiliate Black Book.

Soda Popper

Common problems and solutions.

1.  Read the installation instructions closely.  It’s a simple script but improperly setup you’ll experience headaches.

2.  It’s not working.  See one above.  Else copy my settings as shown here. 

NOTE: In addition to installing the plugin in the WordPress plugin directory, you will also need to upload the 4 files into your public_html folder too.

Help Desk

Click the “Option” button

Next, copy these configuration settings.  Do exactly as you see here.  You may choose to use something other than “go” in your link – for example “link”.  Do not alter any other setting.

Help Desk

How can I trust a guy who goes by "X"?

Ensuring your happiness, success and satisfaction with our products and services is our highest priority.

Please submit the details of your question or concern and we’ll respond ASAP, during normal business hours – Monday-Friday, 10AM-4PM Mountain Standard Time

All the best to you – John R Barker and the Factor X Team.


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