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Affiliate Black Book

Who:  Affiliate marketers, or those looking for the right business model to start making money.
What:  Intermediate to advanced affiliate marketing approaches to building a business, not just an income stream or two.
Why:  Most affiliate marketing training is basic, dated and ineffective.
Where:  Membership
When:  You’re ready to stop chasing gimmicks and start getting serious about making money.


Business Builders

Who: Entrepreneurs seeking clarity, order and a systematic business building process for faster results
What:  Seven modules that cover all aspects of visioning, building and growing a business.
Why:  Everyone struggles with growth at some point; if you feel your business isn’t having the full impact it could have, this is for you.
Where:  Online training including videos, outlines and checklists
When:  Intermediate to advanced marketers struggling to gain traction


Soda Popper

Who: For aggressive affiliate marketers
What:  Allows you to define a landing page other than the one defined by your affiliate; allows you to change landing page destination on the fly; allows you to cookie for more than one affiliate offer.
Why:  You want flexibility and control over where you send your traffic
Where:  Installs on any WordPress site
When:  Installation and setup takes less than 10 minutes.



Article Profit Persuasion Formula

Who:  People with something to sell online
What:  A process that combines a proven sales letter formula with an information packed article to create a subtly-persuasive sales piece that doesn’t read like a pitch.
Why:  Most articles don’t sell well and you can’t distribute a sales letter, or use them as a landing page with many traffic sources
Where:  PDF, for use on your site or through article syndication
When:  Your ready to admit that article marketing could be a lot more effective than it is



Money Map X

Who:  For anyone that needs a big picture view that simplifies direct marketing on the Internet
What:  Overview of all fundamental processes behind building an effective money making system online
Why:  Most gurus can’t even define marketing and many need to understand the larger process before they can successfully start building income
Where:  PDF
When:  Every beginner should start here but I’ve had advanced marketers tell me this helped take their business to a new level


Fast Path to Cash

Who:  Writers, product creators
What:  Process for getting paid for what you write sooner, while using “Lean” principles to produce a better final product – and building a list of buyers as you go.
Why:  Most product creators and writers spend months, or years, creating a product that may not sell – this is a process produce faster, better and with less risk.
Where:  PDF
When:  You want to test ideas and generate income faster


High Response Traffic : Volume 1

Who:  You have a product and you want a creative way to reach new customers with minimal risk
What:  A creative approach to affiliate and joint venture marketing
Why:  It’s a true win-win for everyone and it works without creating anything new
When:  You have a useful product or service that needs greater reach


Fast Sales Letter Formula








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