Suzanne asks . . .

“I’m going through and implementing an e-com business and working thru and implementing an e-mail mkt/affiliate mkt business side by side. Should I totally focus on one or the other first? or is it ok to work side by side?”

Great question, Suzanne.

john-barker-roundThe best advice is “focus on one business”.  You will achieve success (or failure) faster by focusing on one thing – one product, one source of traffic, one customer, etc.

But let’s dig in a little deeper.

First, affiliate marketing and ecommerce are business models.  I can source products, sell and ship them and that’s one way to make money.  Or I can promote something someone else has already sourced, setup and ships for a percentage of the sale.  And within the same business I can do both.

So the question is, “Is my business the product I sell?  Is it my monetization model?  Or is it something else?”

Hint:  It’s something else.  Read More Here . . .

How to Choose Your Business

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