Amazing Article Profit-Persuasion Formula

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Brief Instructions:

Following the training in the Amazing Article Profit-Persuasion Formula Report, fill in the blank boxes on the page at the link above.

In each field you will have a basic explanation of how you should write and construct your article.

When you are done click the “Submit” button, which is right after the “Don’t Forget the Call to Action” field.

(For now ignore the very last box that says “Reload (Save the contents of this…)” etc.

After you click the “Sumbit” button your article will be compiled and you will be taken to a new page where you can see it and copy it or continue editing it.

NOTE: The 2nd field can’t be edited. After you have compiled your article, if you so decide, you may add a link in this section to your graphic (At 2::::) manually when you are finished with the article and ready to post it somewhere.

You may continue to edit the article if you want to.

If you scroll all the way down you will see the “Reload (Save the contents of this…)” box.

In it will be your article (1:::: Being your headline, 2:::: Being where your graphic goes, etc), which you can copy and save for re-editing with the script at a later time if you choose to.

Simply return to the script page and paste your script-formatted article into this box and click the “Reload” button.

When you are done with your article you can just select the text at the top of the page, copy it and paste it wherever you plan to use it.

Below is a quick example of what the script-formatted article would look like. You can copy this (Everything in blue) and paste it in the “Reload (Save the contents of this…)” box and click the “Reload” button just to see how it works in case you’re curious. Then click the “Submit” button that is after the “Call to Action” box.

1::::Ziggidy Zaggedy Boo.
3::::The mouse did eat my shoe.
4::::Then I felt blue.
5::::And didn’t know what to do.
6::::So I called Sue.
7::::And she told me to.
8::::Grab a wazoo.
9::::And smack that mouse in the coo.
10::::I picked it up by the fallamaloo.
11::::And took it to the zoo.
12::::Where I spoke to the whatchamayoo.
13::::And he was pleased to see my hoo.
14::::He made me an offer I couldn’t refyoo.
15::::And bought the mousey-jagoo.
16::::So I took the money and bought a new shoe.

To access the script please click below.


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