Session One : Overview and Getting to Know You

In this session we cover what’s happening in this program – the big picture view.   The second part of the program focuses on you getting to know you better.  This is critical as you begin to work on a vision of the business you have, or will create.

Video:  Watch Here

Slides:  overview | get-to-know-you

This week’s assignment:  Make a list of the 3-7 values that are most important to your business.

How I went about this –

1.  Download and print these 4 keyword lists.

Type 1 Key Word List
Type 2 Key Word List
Type 3 Key Word List
Type 4 Key Word List

2.  With someone who knows you well, ideally, pick out words that resonate with you.  Your partner(s) can help offer some perspective – we don’t always see ourselves accurately.  If you don’t have someone to work with that’s OK.

You’ll likely have 10-20 words, maybe more.

3.  Boil your list down, moving closer to the goal of 3-7 words.  Some of your words will have shared or similar meaning.  Pick the word that says “it” better.

4.  Use a dictionary to look up words and see if the definition really matches what you have in mind.  This is important.  It can change but this is your foundation.

I’ve found that different dictionaries can have vastly different definitions of the same word.  Of course, most words have multiple definitions anyway.

You can also use a thesaurus if something feels close, but not quite.

5.  Record the words.  I posted mine here on the site, including words that add more clarity to what I mean.  I also have written sentences to describe how those words play out in my business.  This is something I will continue to refine – remember, this is a process.


  1. factorx

    Thanks for sharing that Vladi!

  2. Cass Tyson

    I googled “list of core values,” and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a great list at

    The lists of “Beauty Profile Key Words” by type (above) don’t resonate with me as actual core values. At least a lot don’t (e.g., “Twinkling!?” “Pixie?!” “Zesty?!!!”) Not nearly as much as the words at, anyway…

  3. factorx

    Sure, whatever works for you Cass. I think the keyword lists I posted are probably better suited for getting a sense of type. Thank you for hunting that site down.

  4. Abhik Sarkar

    John, got a question.

    When you ask us to choose an initial bunch of words and then whittle them down to 3-7 words…on what basis am I selecting them?

    Am I supposed to choose words, I believe, most reflect my personality…or words that I find attractive, words that resonate with me purely for the sake of what the mean or imply?

    E.G “serene”…I am a serene person…very low I am very serene in my “appearance/behavior”…but intellectually and emotionally, I’m not.

    I watched the webby recording, and found the exercise fascinating and amusing, to see the pattern unfold. Out of a total 17 questions…my tally was EVERY single choice was a 4…except a few that were 2 and 4..and a couple of 3 and 4.

    Definitely a 4 dude 🙂

    I am however struggling with these words. Mainly because I’m a little unclear about what the chosen ones are actually supposed to represent. My behavior? what attracts me? how I actually feel? what I wish I did feel like/or behave like?

    I’m very aware of many dualities I possess. I’m extremely intellectually curious, rebellious, radical, big idea, alpha male with my opinions….BUT my behavior is very much like “the dude/Big Lewbowski” …although I’m not untidy like him 🙂

    Please clarify what you mean by “choose words that resonate with you”.


  5. factorx

    First Abhik, you sound like a 4/2. My oldest daughter is a 4/2 and she’s an absolute work of art IMHO. 🙂 As you, if you, study this typing stuff according Carol Tuttle it all fits. It’s a skill I’m developing that I truly prize.

    Regarding your question it should both resonate with you and be a “must” in terms of anyone you work with. Serene is probably a good fit because my guess is you are far more likely to run a successful meditation business than one that takes people out on adventure tours.

    Sometimes I think it’s also helpful to identify what you don’t want. I just don’t envision you happy working in an office setting with a lot of noise, activity, chit chat and sophomoric humor – you’d have a short tolerance for that. You’d probably love to work someplace like Mind Valley.

    I’d bet you were a great student, self-motivated and always with a book.

    So, the business you’re creating should be a place you love to be – it should reflect what you value most. And while you wouldn’t want a business with people who are made exactly the way you are, there are aspects of you that are non-negotiable.

    Also Abhik, know that the 4 personality type – coupled with the 2 wanting the details and understanding – probably trips you up, or slows you down at times because you’re naturally going to want everything to seem perfect and comfortable before you move forward. In that case you really would benefit from working with someone who’s more Ready, Fire, Aim oriented – but you have to share the common values and that’s why this is important.

    Does this help?

    All the best to you – John

  6. Abhik Sarkar

    Hi John,

    thanks for the clarification. Yes that helps for sure.

    I’ll bear what you said in mind as I complete the homework. Looking forward to this series of webinars.



  7. rodney Francis

    Hey John

    Hope all is well…

    Thanks for your genuineness – extremely hard to find in this industry – someone genuinely wanting to help others succeed.

    Online success really depends on knowing the why, the what, the how, the who, the when and the where…

    The answers all originate from knowing thy self, from within – YOU have forced US to sit back & reflect a little – well done – excellent job.

    Also the thought of joining arms with others towards a common goal to create something worthwhile is extremely appealing & one I hope all are seriously considering – I for one am certainly open & willing to embracing it :-}} :-}} :-}}

    In closing – John thoroughly enjoy your daughter’s basketball games – It was something I extremely enjoyed & cherished not so long ago – the pleasure of watching my boy play AFL footy – sadly circumstances at present prevents this.

    But certainly a motivation to aspire tooooooo again in the future!!!

    Respectfully Yours,

    Rod F.

  8. factorx

    Rod –

    I was just thinking about you a day or two ago. I apologize I haven’t responded to your last email. Busy has taken over right now!

    These times don’t last long enough. I never expected to enjoy basketball this much – I once wanted to be a coach and it’s just such a thrill to see my daughter have a true aptitude for the game. I hope you’re able to get back to watching your son soon Rod.

    All the best to you – John

  9. m jamal

    Hey John, Just went through the pictures/words exercise.

    Here’s what I got:
    #1s –> count is 3
    #2s –> count is 7
    #3s –> count is 3
    #4s –> count is 4

    Hmm.. what does that mean?

    I’m moving to next part of webinar, hope the answer is there ‘-)

    M. Jamal

    P.S. Just a general note: lately I’ve been zooming in & out of
    “next steps” to take.. more like, go into this market or that
    market.. affiliate or my own product… consultant or affiliate.
    Weeew.. my mind is blowing up!
    Got crazy limited time on hand

  10. factorx

    Mohamed –

    You’re not alone, my friend. Many of us – myself included – deal with these questions. One of the big reasons I love this material is that it simplifies and brings clarity to these answers. Almost every day I realize something new, or see something that is counterproductive to the results I want to produce.

    As for the test results, I look at it like mixing colors. Some of us come close to a pure hue – others are a mix of a couple colors. You’re probably a 2, an “S”. I would focus most especially on the groups of words. Then the animals. The pictures of the celebrities I think may be confusing to some. See if that doesn’t provide more clarity – key words and animals.

    All the best to you –

  11. Tish King

    Oh wow John, I saw me in your reply to Abhik Sarkar. Yep, definitely a 4/2. This has been really interesting… can’t wait for the next webinar!

  12. MikeA

    Hi John –

    Got here late and just catching up! Very interesting – now I know why I get stuck sometimes. I’m deeply Conscientious – so as a solopreneur without a clear vision or a “boss” to give me direction and fire me up the slightest thing can derail me…

    But I also know I have valuable strengths, where I can improve and which types will complement me.

    As for value words I’m thinking that adding one or two aspirational words to “core values” will help me push through my core style traits which might otherwise hold me back.

    We’re not just set In stone – right?

  13. factorx

    Mike –

    Glad to have you with us.

    I’d say our nature is our nature. Some things will come to us naturally. A people-oriented, fun-loving person will never be happy doing accounting type work – or work that would have them working alone much of the time. Other people thrive that way.

    I think the issues for many of us come in when we aspire to be something other than what we are – or when we don’t recognize that something is a weakness that would greatly benefit from working with a person that has that strength (instead of investing our time and energy into attempting to overcome the weakness).

    A core belief of mine is that we can become what we desire to become, but the counter-point is that we each have our natural gifts and we’ll get to success, and happiness, much faster if we embrace and develop what we have while seeking out complementary people. A lot of this will become more clear as we go through the program – starting with Right People, Right Seats in Session 3.

    As a deeply conscientious person (are you an “S”, or “2”?) you’re a natural people person that probably needs to work with someone that is task oriented – for “fire up” that’s a D or a 3.

    Hope this clears it up a bit Mike – John

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