You’ve probably heard me tell the story about my first 3 years online –

If not, here’s all you need to know:


I was going at Internet marketing full-time PLUS – at least 70 hours per week, every week, for three years and I couldn’t make a living.  I had to concede failure – I had to get a job – I had things to learn.

It was good fortune that I found a job, in a town with few jobs to offer, with a successful direct marketing company.  I learned their simple system.  I interacted with other even more successful marketing companies.  And I worked with dozens of affiliates who were making the kind of money I’d only dreamed about.

I discovered there are differing cultures, approaches, and tactics but underneath “what worked” was a common foundation and that common foundation is what I call “Money Map X”.





Money Map X is the simple system all more complex grow out of.

Although this product sells pretty cheap (too cheap, really) it’s the only blueprint you will ever need to build a million income.

It’s the same blueprint Agora uses.

I don’t like to make income claims and of course I can’t make any promise about what you’ll do with this information but I have two customers that have built multi-million dollar businesses of their own after buying Money Map X (they credit it, not me) and another has a well-known Clickbank seller in the health niche that broke $10,000 per month two years ago, on autopilot, and he also credits this product as the catalyst of his “ah-ha!” breakthrough.

If you feel overwhelmed with where to get started and how to put together a sales and marketing system that produces results, Money Map X is what you need.


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