Very few people will suggest that you work less; even fewer will force you to work less.  

Parkinson’s Law is very much about creating constraints to work within. You’re going to have to apply artificial limitations to your work in order to do it more efficiently.

NOTE:  Effective (doing the right things) is more important than efficient (getting things done fast, though they may not be the right things).  


  • Give yourself hard time limits to complete tasks.  When the time is up what you have is what you have.
  • When self-employed and working on your own it’s easy to cheat yourself; if possible get TWO accountability partners.  One is accountable to you and you’re accountable to the other – and the same for them.Accountability triads are far more powerful than duos because with a duo mutually accountable to each other there is a tendency to let each other slide once the inevitable misses occur.
  • Attach a real cost to missing deadlines that is sufficiently motivating.  For example, if you don’t do what you said you do by the time you said you’d do it then you donate $100 (or $1000) to a charity, or miss out on something meaningful to you.  I has to hurt enough to motivate you at any cost.

You’re smart enough to figure this out as you go.  

The main point here is that time limits will cause you to focus on doing what matters.  You will get more done, and inevitably it will be better, more meaningful work.

If you’re a marketer then you know the necessity of creating urgency to motivate buyers.  When you have all the time in the world, you’ll tend to take all the time in the world.

Do This:

  • Pick a project, relatively simple, to start.
  • Break the project into tasks or milestones.
  • Estimate the time required to complete each task.
  • Cut the estimated time by 50%
  • Set a timer and go.  Accept the challenge.


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