Article Profit Persuasion Formula

It’s time to own up to reality:  A $5 article may work to generate some link love and traffic to your site (Who are we kidding? No it won’t!), but it will never help you sell a product or service.

The Amazing Article Profit Persuasion Formula gives you a proven, step-by-step process for writing articles that covertly persuade and convince people to buy.

Smooth as a chocolate truffle these articles are perfect for paid traffic. The page reads like quality information, BAM, before the reader knows it their sold on the solution you’re selling. (Google and Facebook LOVE these pages).

These articles are especially well suited for targeting terms like “how to . . .”

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Business Builders Program

The time to start building a business “bigger than you” is now.  If you’re struggling to get traction, this program will help you define your business, build a culture and get things done.

The Business Builders Program is inspired by the work of Geno Wickman and his “Entrepreneurial Operating System” approach.  It’s the best “meat and potatoes” program I’ve come across and I’ve added a heavy dose of my experience to customize this specifically for Internet marketing based businesses.

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Fast Path to Cash

How do you like the idea of creating a high quality product in 4 hours . . . and having a sales letter to go with it too!

Imagine sitting down at your desk at 7PM and having a product ready to launch by 11.  It’s possible.  This is my system, practiced and proven for creating information products people love, FAST.

I’ve taken a number of philosophies and applied them for you.  All you need to do is follow the instructions.  Create products, reports, bonuses, opt-in offers and more.

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Fast, Good and Cheap Sales Letter Formula

Do you have $10,000 to have a professional sales letter written?  Most of don’t have that kind of money to gamble.

On the other end of the spectrum I’ve paid $97 for sales letters that were just garbage.

The Fast, Good and Cheap Sales Letter Formula provides you with a basic outline to write a “good enough” sales letter, that outsources the critical elements that make it read like a quality piece of work.  Use this approach and have something “better than” a $500 sales letter for $30 or less.

You can file this one under “Work smarter (and get it done cheaper) not harder”.

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Firesale One

I have a literal ton of useful information around that I will never, ever, get around to selling.  This is all highly useful so I created a ridiculous deal for information junkies to feast on.  There’s easily hundreds of dollars worth of value here for pennies on the dollar.

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High Response Traffic :: Volume One

The best traffic you can get is traffic that’s almost certain to buy.  This radically clever approach is ideally suited for people with an existing product or service.  Everyone loves this strategy because it’s a true win for everyone involved.  I’ve used this to sell over $10,000 worth of a product with a single email.  I’ve seen others use this approach and earn up to $50,000.

This, like most all of my offers, is a timeless approach.

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Laser Focus

When yo want to get more done, in less time this is your secret weapon.

You’ve seen the movie Limitless, right?  Bradley Cooper takes a pill (with some life threatening side-effects) and his brain potential is maximized.  Cool.  Who doesn’t want that?

Of course, that’s a fairy tale but I have something really good and totally safe – we call it Laser Focus.  It’s an audio program you listen to while you work and it’s like chugging an espresso or two, without the jitters.

Laser Focus gets your mind IN THE GAME.

You’ll love this program.  Sit down to work, turn this on, listen and within 15 minutes you’re intensity level will be off-the-charts.

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Money Map X

What if you could identify the basic flow of every successful sales system – that ever existed?

After years of toil and struggle I discovered “Money Map X” working within a million dollar per year direct marketing company.  I studied and analyzed some of the biggest direct marketing (online and off) companies on the planet, I noticed they all used the same basic process –

It’s the simple system that underlies all systems, complex or not. If you’re ready to remove the mystery of Internet marketing this is the place to start.

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Soda Popper

For every affiliate marketer, this is a MUST HAVE.

It’s a simple WordPress plugin better known as “The Link Weaponizer”. It’s much more than a link cloaking and redirect script. It allows you to do wicked creative things with your links, allowing you to change destinations in seconds (great if you have published links you can’t change), bypass opt-in pages, or even send your site visitors direct to a shopping cart when you’re promoting someone else’s product – and Soda Popper ensures that your affiliate cookie is placed (discreetly).

A little creativity makes this plugin the next best thing to Aladdin’s Lamp.

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