Complete Formula Exposed!

Introducing the Unrivaled And Scarcely Seen Formula That Transforms Your Everyday Content Into A Secret Sales Machine!

They say “Content is king” . . . and they’re dead wrong.  Sales are king.  Conversion is king.  Cash is king.  Even when you write a successful article that generates traffic, it’s extremely unlikely to lead to a sale.

You KNOW it’s true and it’s extremely frustrating when you’ve put the time and effort into creating quality content that delivers real value.

You’ve done everything they’ve told you and still you ask . . .

“Why the hell isn’t anyone buying my crap!?  I’m still living off dog biscuits, Ramen and Magnum 40!”

Look, you’ve already seen every article writing gimmick that promises to crank out traffic generating fodder in 7-minutes, for $2 and whatever.

How could THIS be any different?

Well, my friend, I will tell you.

This isn’t garbage-creation; it’s sales generation.

The only outcome that matters to a marketer when creating content is that it produces results – sales. Real money you can use to trade McDonald’s liver-burgers for rib-eye steak.

Is not that the point? To entertain, inform and persuade so THAT they buy your stuff?

[Yes, you SHOULD be shaking your head YES right now – up and down, up and down like you ARE disco.]

For the first time the Amazing Article Profit-Persuasion Formula is being offered to the market.


Increase sales when you write useful content that is designed to inform, persuade and convert.

We’ve Borrowed From the Greats

We’ve taken the techniques of the world’s great copywriters –

  • Bencivenga
  • Carlton
  • Van Rinkelstein
  • Makepeace
  • Halbert

it’s not generic

Hey, aren’t there already enough crappy, generic articles out there?  Who want to read yet ANOTHER copy of a copy of a copy?

And we’ve applied the full cash-sucking POWER of their verbosity in a way even James Dyson would envy.

Yes, it’s a powerful persuasion process that combines a scientifically-proven sales letter formula with an entertaining and authoritatively-informative article –


No, she’ll sit mesmerized by your writing, convinced she must pull out her credit card and buy the solution you presented to solve her problem.

That will be the only logical conclusion she can arrive at, the only action will satiate her burning desire to have what you have.

Listen, this is a PROVEN formula guaranteed to produce results for you, over and over and over.

Write that persuavie article once, set it, forget it and profit endlessly. The more eyeballs that see these master work of seduction, the more you will sell.

Why settle for average when you can influence, induce and indoctrinate using this powerful process?

Why would you settle?!

Excellence, my friend, is the hallmark of greatness and great is what you aspire to be.

If you use articles to sell (and you should) then the Amazing Article Profit-Persuasion Formula is a must-have.

It’s great for product creators and affiliates, both.

It can be easily outsourced to any quality writer too.

Stop writing articles for the sake of writing articles (no, no, no!) . . . and start writing articles that put cash in your pocket (yes, yes, yes!).

Grab the Amazing Article Profit-Persuasion Formula NOW – I guarantee it will be among the best investments you’ll make this year.


“Some communication is far more powerful and persuasive than all the rest.”

Order the Complete
Step-by-Step Formula Now!

Only $27 –

PS – It’s OK to say “No” to this offer. But be warned, you will operate at a disadvantage when competing with those who possess this knowledge. Influencing others isn’t luck or magic – it’s science.

PSS – Remember this is a limited-time special offer and may be removed from the market at any time, without notice.


The Amazing Article Profit-Persuasion Formula

And one more BIG surprise for you. We’ve just added an online software that makes writing these articles even easier!! You can use this software to crank out articles on my site or install it on your own! This is easily worth $27 all on its own!

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