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For Every Problem There’s a Simple Solution Hiding Inside an Efficient System

Are you frustrated with your progress?

Are you confused about the next step?  The first step?

Do you feel overwhelmed, like you’re constantly spinning your wheels and getting nowhere?

You are not alone.  These issues and many more plague many of us and the good news is there are simple solutions.

I have spent thousands of dollars over the years to find these answers for myself.  I have spent countless hours going through program after program that promised to deliver the goods, only to waste even more time and money ultimately making no progress.

What I discovered is a simple, straightforward system exists.  It really does!

If you would like to FINALLY have your own answers required to begin gaining traction, and moving forward then I encourage you to join me.  Let’s move forward together.

My $5,000 Sink-Hole

In 2007 I was so excited to discover a program that promised what I’m promising you here, I nearly ran to the back of the room to sign up for the $5,000 program.

I diligently watched 20 hours of videos, worked through seemingly endless worksheets, spent thousands more hiring people to “help” me, invested tens of thousands into an office only to end up sitting in the middle of a mess so far away from what I wanted that I could feel nothing but bitter towards the guy that started me on that process.

you at the center of it all

You can’t do it all.  That invevitably leads to frustration and burnout.  I’ve been there and this is the system that helped bring me out of quaqmire.

And if you’re not at this point, yet, and you’re just starting to build your business then this program will provide you with an invaluable roadmap that creates a strong foundation primed for growth.

This is NOT that.

This is a simple system that will make the entire process of building your business straight-forward – including a revolutionary new way of marketing it.  When it’s done you will wonder why any of this ever seemed so difficult.

Now, there is work involved (often inspiring, fun).  There is deep introspection involved.  But when you’ve worked your way through this process I guarantee you will feel a huge weight lifted off of you and you’ll finally be free to move forward with building the life you’ve desired.

real, not theory

If you want to know what the best business books have to say then get a subscription to book summaries.

We don’t have time for information overload that amounts to a hodge-podge mess you’ll never sort out.  And who needs to shell out thousands to have someone else summarize $20 books for them?

“The tools are sensible, effective, and a must for any organization, entrepreneur, or leader. I personally use them within my national real estate valuation company and this year we grew 150 percent, after being in business for more than 14 years.”

7 sessions

Each session is an hour-long, plus.  You will also receive a variety of additional aids, exercises, worksheets and more to guide you each step of the way.

As well, you’ll receive my own notes and processes as a case study to help guide you through your process.

Here’s Everything We Cover

Check out everything we cover in this program that features nearly 9 hours of training, plus supplemental videos, worksheets and more.

Session #1 : Getting to Know You

your business should reflect you, your values and your interests.  You’ll be fascinated by what you learn about yourself.

Session #2 : The Vision

Progress cannot occur until you have a crystal clear vision of what you intend to create.

Session #3 : The Right People, The Right Seats

Even if you’re one-person show this session is invaluable when it comes to identifying what needs done and who’s best suited to do it.

Session #4 : Data

The only accurate and objective way to measure results is to know and measure the right metrics.

Session #5 : Processes

Is “what you do” consistent and predicatable?  It needs to be and we’ll cover how to begin putting those processes together.

Session #7 : Traction

Is “what you do” consistent and predicatable?  It needs to be and we’ll cover how to begin putting those processes together.

Session #6 : Issues

The key to your success is quickly identiifying and resolving critical isues.

“One thing I know for sure, I am more enlightened (aware) about myself than I was before this week!!”

~ Michael S.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

– Aristotle

Session #1 : Getting to Know You

Getting to know you, your people, your business and your customers.

This STARTS by taking a DISC assessment test (free options available). But that’s just the beginning. Because DISC is great but we really dive in for a much deeper understanding of what these 4 distinct personality types really look like and how they work together.

Plus, depending on who your customer is you need to customize the colors, language and general vibe you use with them. This is an area of study that’s had a radical impact on my life in the past couple years and I think you’ll have a lot of fun gaining deeper insight into why you do what you do, why you don’t do what you don’t do, and who is best to help you move forward.

“This has been really interesting… can’t wait for the next webinar!”

~ Tish King

Session #2 : The Vision


If you feel stuck in neutral it’s likely because you don’t have a clear vision. Who do you serve? What do you do for them? What makes you different from everyone else in the market?

In all we address 8 critical questions. Without answering these questions, clearly and concisely, it extremely difficult – if not impossible – to build a business.

But when you’ve answered these questions then you become a force.

 An entrepreneur who can clearly explain where the business is going and how it plans to get there is surprisingly rare but extremely valuable.

“The V/TO was one of the single best selling tools I’ve ever had with an investor. In a very short period of time, he got what we were about, where we were going and how we planned to get there. It was pretty cool.

Identify the 5 major responsibilities of each role in your company.

Only then can you have clarity around what the right seats on your bus look like and whether you have the right people to fill them.

Session #3 : The Right People, The Right Seats


Although this session focuses on how to choose the right people to work with and how to ensure they’re doing the right jobs for you, the process of mapping out what NEEDS to be done in your business can be eye-opening to the extreme.

When I went through this process I was somewhat shocked to see where my business is truly deficient, where I need the most help, and why some of my past partnerships were destined to fail before they began.

Beyond that it’s easy to see what’s possible, and what’s not, if you want to run a one-person business. It’s also easy to see what you really love doing and what you should probably be doing more of.

“Great presentation, definitely one that needs to be watched a few times in order to get all the concepts, however its well worth the time to do it.”

~ Clint Butler

Session #4 : Data


What are the key numbers in your business? Could you predict your income based on these numbers? If you don’t know these numbers for YOUR business then you’re looking at numbers AFTER they’ve happened and often that’s far too slow to make a critical change.

In this session we talk about putting together a scorecard that tells you, on a weekly basis, whether you’re on target or not. And if you’re not then you can immediately put your attention on the fix.

With scorecards that provide reliable, meaningful data, you can quickly assess where your business is at and you can make changes that will improve their future progress.

“OK – love the lead indicator focus. Very powerful – and chastening at the same time. Mercilessly highlights the wheel spinning…”

~ Mike Abbott

Make the Most of Your Core Processes

  1. What outcome do we want to achieve?
  2. Who can implement it?
  3. When may they implement it?
  4. How do we know we achieved the outcome?
  5. How do we know if it was effective?
  6. Are there any “next steps” when the outcome is achieved?

Session #5 : Processes


A business is a collection of systems, or processes. Until what you do is consistent and predictable you will have chaos. And with chaos comes stress.

In this session we cover how to identify, document and have others producing the same results you can product – and even better.

Moving from working in your business to working on a business requires clear processes. In this training session you’ll also learn how being transparent about the processes you use with your clients and customers is the future of marketing.

“complexity is the enemy.  less is more.”

Session #6 : Issues


The key to business success is the ability to solve your issues and the issues of your customers. If you’ve ever felt that you’re just circling the drain discussing and dealing with the same issues over and over without making progress, you’ll love this simple approach.
It’s easy for many of us to see an issue as a bad thing – something to be avoided. After all, issues usually lead to some measure of discomfort, so why shouldn’t we avoid them?

If history teaches us anything, it is that issues are to be expected, not avoided.  Every issue is a growth opportunity.

Very detailed approach to getting your organization in order. Step by step and systematic.  excellent for small business owners.

Do you have a grip on your business, or does your business have a grip on you?

Session #7 : Traction


In our last session we talk about the final ingredients that give us TRACTION! You will now have all of the pieces you need to – assuming you’ve done your homework – move forward consistently.

Are You Ready for MASSIVE Momentum?!

There’s a ton of great information here that, when applied, is exactly what you need to build the business of your dreams.  I am super proud of this piece of work because it greatly simplifies and systematizes building the business YOU want to build.

This IS NOT a summary of business books and “sounds good to me” theories that leave you with a pile of rubbish to sort through.  This is a clearly defined process used by multi-million dollar companies and I’ve re-worked it to fit the unique needs and desires of the Internet marketing.

If you’re tired of chasing shiny objects and you’re ready to build something that works for you, this is the place to get started.

Let’s get to work and enter 2019 running!

All the best to you – John


Only $297
You Save $4700

Business Growth Accelerator

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an existing business?
This program involves foundational work that any business – existing or in the planning phase – needs.  It doesn’t matter if you currently have an office with staff, or if its just you jumping from shiny object to shiny object in a spare bedroom. The point of this program is to help you create the business you want, the business that serves your needs.   This is the place to start – or it’s the place to start getting a lot better.
Is this for affiliates?
Affiliate marketing is a business model – meaning affiliate marketing is a business!  So yes, it’s for affiliates just as much as it’s for those offering products or services.
Will I learn a specific money-making system?
Yes and no. This is not designed as a “business in a box” or a “here’s how I make money” system.  We will not go into the details of building a money-making website.  That said the outcome of this process should be a road-map for the business you plan to build, showing you clearly what you need to do it. You’ll see the big picture – your map. You’ll see where you are now – your starting point. You’ll see where you want to go – the destination. You’ll develop the vision for how you want your business to be. And then you’ll decide the route you want to take to get there. This program is about you building the business you want to build, whether it eventually involves 500 employees working out of a Manhattan office – or it’s just you working from a home-based office, outsourcing projects on an as-needed basis. The key is that you start from a point of KNOWING what you want, versus reacting to what the market is attempting to sell you through the calculated pushing of your buttons.
Is this based on an existing program?
Yes.  After reading dozens of books on business building a book titled “Traction” by Geno Wickman put the pieces together for me. To be clear, I am not associated with Geno Wickman or EOS Worldwide.  And there are a number of additional resources I will be drawing from.  Additionally this program will be customized to my market, assuming that most are not currently operating with a staff and a leadership team. If the cost of this program is out of your reach I encourage you to pick up this book. That said without support – ie, others to work through the material with – you will find it challenging.  I wouldn’t ask you to pay for the program if I didn’t believe you’d gain far more value than the cost.
Are there additional costs?
I do not foresee any additional costs.  There may be specific recommendations for certain situations throughout the program, but if you have the basics – a domain name, hosting, whatever then I don’t foresee that you will need to spend any additional money.
What about support?
This program is not priced to include any one-on-one time with me, however there will be time allotted to answer questions or clarify materials.

Join us now for special pricing on this complete training program.

Business Growth Accelerator

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