“Here’s How to Earn $500 Per Hour, or More, When You Make a Couple Simple Mindset Tweaks and Then Implement the Right Systems”

The goal in 1999 was to work 6-hours per day, 4-days per week and earn $100,000 per year or more.  Feeling confident I could make that happen I quit my job and put my life savings on the line. 

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you could accomplish that?  That would be amazing wouldn’t it!

I imagined spending my days hiking, biking, camping and having travel adventures.  Or maybe chilling in a coffee shop, or hanging out having beers with friends.

What would you do?  Even if you kept your day job and generated a sideline income?  How would you use that money?

I was excited and willing to do the work but it didn’t happen that way.  For three years I busted my tail working 70+ hours per week to make that goal happen.  It didn’t.  For the first time in my life relying on work-ethic failed me.  It was a financial disaster.  It was embarrassing.  And after three years of this I had my doubts.  I wanted it SO BAD but I had to admit something was missing.

Lesson One:  Work ethic is important but you can work yourself to death doing it all wrong.

I didn’t have it all wrong.  But I learned a valuable lesson I already knew – work smarter, not harder.  Most people I meet are closer than they think to enjoying the 24-hour work week with the six-figure income.  I was closer than I knew but I was working too hard at the wrong things.

Time and Money

Most of us have been trained and conditioned to view income generation as a trade of time for money.  The amount of money we can command for our time is tied to how unique and valued our skills are.

This is an old-model of thinking and it’s never been how “the rich” think.

Robert Kiyosaki taught me “The rich” don’t work for money; they work for assets that make money for them.  They pay someone like you and I an hourly wage to do their work; they earn $50 and they give us $20.  They’re making money even when they don’t work.  And they’re making that money because they’ve effectively learned the power of leverage.

People do work for me while I’m doing other things, but there is a better way.  People require management and they can be unpredictable and unreliable.  That’s why I’ve built my income on the back of automation.

The Secret to Earning $500 Per Hour Without Ever Charging Anyone $500 for an Hour of Your Time

Let’s look at your time from a different angle: you don’t have to trade an hour right now for $500 right now.  That’s hard to do – it’s hard to find and then convince someone to pay you $500 for an hour of time.  You have to develop the right skills, develop the right lead generation systems, close the deal and then deliver.  No thanks.

The better way is to spend, for example, 8 hours doing a job that you get paid for over and over and over.  I call this “Checks in the mail for work already done.”  That’s the mantra that drives everything in my business.  I trade hours for dollars only on rare occassions, for a purpose greater than money alone.

The Path to Time/Income Leverage

When I had my mindset right results began to change.  Income generation was no longer a linear, 2-dimensional approach.  I hired an experienced corporate financial analyst to build financial modelling spreadsheets and he was astounded to see my income growth was 10% every month.  He’d never seen anything like that especially for a one-person business with fixed monthly overhead under $50 per month.

The basic model was simple: add a new income stream to my portfolio every month.  Intitially this was done exclusively with affiliate marketing.  Eventually product creation was added to the mix because it offered other forms of leverage.

However product creation came with a huge downside – the time investment was big and risky and it began to jeopardize everything I had created.

I owned and studied over a dozen product creation systems and I threw all of them in the trash because they took far too much time and effort, or they produced junk.

An agonizing problem.  A cash-flow limiting constraint.  A problem that had to be solved.

john-barker-roundI have a confession to make:  I didn’t create this for you.  I created it for me.

After 13 years of product creation struggle, trial and error, it was time to crack the code and shorten the path from idea to sale.

I had created multiple high-quality products that sold hundreds of thousands of dollars, each.

But I craved a method for creating these products and profiting faster.  It’s a huge risk to spend six months creating a big-ticket product if you don’t know it’s going to sell.

I became obsessed with finding a better way.  I dug into the dozen or so “product creation” programs I owned.  I picked up a few things here and there, but mostly these systems were going to produce crap and I don’t produce crap.

Your reputation depends on delivering solid, useful, valuable information that people can use.

I held on to the handful of good ideas I collected, and then I began to borrow from other disciplines.

I studied MBA level materials on value creation.  I studied how Apple and Amazon iterate and create products.  I studied systems theory and philosophy.

And a new method of creating high-quality information products emerged.

Innovation is satisfying users current or future wants/needs by turning an idea into a product or service with speed and urgency, using minimal resources and costs. Steve Blank


Create a system that produces a high-quality product, ready to sell, in as little as 4 hours*.

timeThe mission was to create a high-quality product in as little as 4-hours but there was more:  In that four hours I also wanted the sales letter written and the product up for sale.

I’m going to shoot straight with you . . .

* First off, I am not able to create every product in 4 hours.  Some take longer – maybe 2 days.  But, 4 hours is possible and it’s been done by myself and many others who’ve learned my system.

Now, a few more things so that we’re clear with each other . . .

If you’re not a great writer, this isn’t possible (not in 4 hours).  But anyone can create a solid product AND become great at creating these products, faster and faster.

If you have no experience with setting up a web page to sell a product, this isn’t possible (not in 4 hours).  But you can hire someone to set that page up CHEAP.

If you know absolutely nothing about the subject you’re writing about you’re going to invest time to learning the subject. This a speed creation course, not a speed learning course and to sincerely help people with a subject you need to know something about it.

And one last thing . . . this is a product creation course NOT a traffic generation course.  So, you have no logical reason to expect I’m teaching you about traffic.  (I just gotta say that because, you know, some people just don’t get it.)

So far I am half way thru the PDF and I’m absolutely loving it.

I would have easily paid $200 for the one tip you put on page 10 thru 11.

I actually went and woke my wife up for that right after I read it, lol.

You had me that excited. 🙂

Well done X!! Can’t wait to go thru the rest of this PDF. Spencer

Now, here are the benefits of this system:

  • money-billsYou will finally take action on creating products because the system, first, indentifies the common hang-ups encountered in product creation – and provides strategies for overcoming hurdles so you get the job done.
  • As you learn the “moduling” approach to product creation you’ll get paid as you create your big ticket offers.
  • You will build buyer lists to help you sell your next product, then the next, then the next.
  • You will develop your own vault of assets that can be used in a wide variety of ways – bonuses, mix and match program sets, upsells, downsells, opt-in incentives and more.
  • By design this process encourages feedback from your buyers will continually improve the product.
  • Most importantly you’ll discover a process that makes writing faster and easier by using a known piece of software in a way nobody uses it.
  • Additionally we cover how to write a really fast sales letter . . . and I’ll explain why you want to write that sales letter BEFORE you create your product.

This is a no-nonsense, direct to the point product that will guide you through the entire process of creating and selling products you can be proud to put your name on.

Your Product Creation Struggles SOLVED!

“Create Your Own High-Quality Information Product, Sell It and Profit in 4 Hours or Less – Here’s How!

For Information Marketers Who Want to Make More Money, Faster

Fast Path to Cash

Vid 1 : Introduction

You will be introduced to the basic philosophy of the system, the topics that will be covered and how we’ll proceed in the course.

Fast Path to Cash

Vid 2: Mindset

To fully grasp the beauty and power of this method you want to understand why we’re doing what we’re doing.  When it comes to creating products – from reports to full blown home-study courses, the thinking is different as a result of 17 years of product creation experience.

Fast Path to Cash

Vid 3 : Overcoming Hurdles

Almost everyone deals with at least one of these four common hurdles.  We identify these hurdles and present effective strategies for dealing with each so that you get the work and start making money!

Fast Path to Cash

Vid 4 : The BIG Idea

To create a product that sells requires a big, compelling idea.  And in this video I’ll show you how and where to find killer ideas – even if you’re a creative dunce!  No worries – the hard work has probably already been done for you.

Fast Path to Cash

Vid 5 : Simple Salesletter Formula

One of the most critical discoveries of this process is the “Simple Salesletter”.  One of the greatest mistakes you can make is to write your sales letter AFTER you create your product.  You will discover the 7 key questions that must be answered BEFORE you create your product, and why your pitch is 80% written when done.

Fast Path to Cash

Vid 6 : Collect and Sort

Over the years I’ve developed a “collection habit” that makes creating truly unique, content-rich, information-packed products super-simple.  I’ll show you how I use mind mapping software to make product creation a thing of ease and how it becomes possible to create a high-value product in a matter of hours.

Fast Path to Cash

Vid 7 : Final Product

It’s time to put it all together so you can get that puppy up for sale!  I’ll cover the pros and cons of various formats for you product release.  You pick what works best for you and your market.

Fast Path to Cash

Vid 8 : Sell It!

There are thousands of products sitting in the “nobody bought it” graveyard.  That’s not going to happen to you because you’re going to know the best venues for finding JV and the best places to find the people who need what you have to offer.  We’ll also cover payment processing systems and shopping carts to make this easy as possible.

Fast Path to Cash

Recorded Training Session

In this hour-long, bonus training session I show exactly how I go about creating an opt-in report.



Total Value



Fast Path to Cash

The Fast Path to Cash Guidebook

Direct, to-the-point, action-oriented, yet entertaining.  The Fast Path to Cash Guidebook is a quick read that fills in the details you need to succeed.  Along with the bonus templates, checklists and worksheets you’ll want to print this because you’ll refer to it often for guidance and inspiration.

Here’s what’s inside:

  1. Introduction to the Fast Path methodology
  2. Common hurdles with practical strategies to overcome them
  3. Where to find GREAT ideas for products with high perceived value
  4. The unique approach to researching, compiling and sorting information
  5. How to write a fast and effective sales letter for any product
  6. Putting your product together
  7. Selling it – the how and where



Total Value



Fast Path to Cash

Brainstorming Hot Product Ideas

This special report was created using the Fast Path system!  Inside you’ll discover four of the best ways to generate enough GREAT product ideas to keep you busy for the next year, in step-by-step detail.

The ideas in this special report will make it super-simple for you to create products people want to buy.

Fast Path to Cash

Product Creation Matrix

After you’ve compiled your list of product ideas, run them through this “Product Creation Matrix”.  It will help you to determine which ideas are the hottest.  And it will also help you generate better ideas that turn a worthwhile topic into a HOT topic.

Fast Path to Cash

Fast Path to Cash Action Steps

You don’t need to worry about getting lost or overwhelmed in the process.  After you’ve studied the materials just use these Easy Action Steps to help keep you focused and on track.  You’re going to feel create when you check off one box at time until the job is DONE!

Fast Path to Cash

Fill-in-the-Blank Headlines

A key part of the mindset is fast – put the best answer you have, right now, in the blank.  That’s the hardest part.  It’s much easier to come back later to tweak and improve, with feedback.  These classic headlines will help you find your angle – there’s at least one headline idea in here that can work with any product.

Fast Path to Cash

Tiny Sales Letter Formula Worksheets

You will be absolutely amazed that you can write a quality sales letter, in very little time.  I use these worksheets to not only write sales letters, but to ensure the product I’m going to create is exciting, valuable and clearly defined.



Total Value



Fast Path to Cash

How-To Seeker Software

The search tool makes finding information on almost any subject quick and easy.  It comes pre-populated with dozens of niche ideas and search resources that will help you to quickly collect and compile the best information available on any subject.    This is a real time-saver.



Total Value


Fast Path to Cash

Ecover Creator Software

With this software you take you cover design, upload it to the software, define a few particulars and BAM!  You’ve got a nice looking book cover, DVD, membership card or more.  It’s really simple to use and creates professional looking product images.


These covers were created using this eCover creator program.  I created the cover images for free using Canva and then turned them into these covers.

Fast Path to Cash
Fast Path to Cash
Fast Path to Cash



Total Value



Fast Path to Cash

Email Follow-Up Series

One way to thwart the people who will inevitably steal your products is to provide additional value outside the product in your email follow-up series.  I’ll cover more information on generating fantastic products ideas, how to generate traffic to your offer, how to get joint venture partners to work with you, what to do with a product that isn’t selling, how to create a free survey to get customer feedback that improves your offer and more.



Total Value



Fast Path to Cash

Secret Bonus #1

Secrets are fun so you’ll have to wait to discover it on the inside.  Value $27-

Fast Path to Cash

Secret Bonus #2

Secrets are fun so you’ll have to wait to discover it on the inside.  Value: $97



Total Value


John is the REAL DEAL when it comes to making money online so needless to say ANY PRODUCT that he puts out is a MUST BUY including this!

There is no doubt that to make serious cash as an internet marketer you need to create your own products. A benefit of creating your own product is that you in turn build yourself a BUYERS LIST that you can sell to as affiliate over and over again.

Most people however have no idea where to start when it comes to product creation and Fast Path to Cash reveals not only how to create a product that sells but also how to do it FAST! There is no reason why anyone could not have a product created within 24 hours of buying this so when I say fast I mean it.

So if your tired of struggling to make money online or you just want to increase your internet marketing income then get Fast Path To Cash go through it and get started RIGHT AWAY and you will be able to have a product ready to sell before your weekend is over, it is that easy. Tim Nesbitt

The Fast Path to Cash Product Creation System is Guaranteed

moneyback-guaranteeI know you work hard for you money. I’ve worked hard on this product to give you the best chance at success with it.  You know this a chance worth taking – a chance with big upside and no risk to you. If this product does not live up to your expectations. . . . all you have to do is let us know within 30-days of your purchase and your money will be refunded, promptly!

LEGAL: It is unreasonable to assume you will experience the same explosive growth as many of my customers because every situation is unique.  Then again, it can and does happen when you apply the right combination of knowledge, strategy, commitment and focus.  

Wouldn’t you be risking more by failing to join me?

Love the product and your writing style, and I love that you’ve kept it simple!

There is so much stuff out on how to create products and everyone is so freaked out over it, that it’s turned into a big mythological dream that people can’t get past.

You’ve brought it back down to what it really is, a simple process that just needs to be logically laid out. It’s great that you’ve provided the outline so that everyone can sort it out in their own heads and get out of their own way. This is what people need to see.

Thanks for a great product and you definitely get my two thumbs up! Now I just have to get my thumbs to take action. Mark A Geisler

Fast Path to Cash Product Creation System

Fast Path to Cash Product Creation System : Payment Plan

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