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Summer Is Almost Here – Are You Ready to Live the 4-Hour Work Week?

You’ve Read the 4-Hour Work Week and Now It’s Time to Make It Happen With This Cheat Sheet and Mind Map Power-Pack

. . . Because you’d rather spend your summer at the beach, at the pool, on vacation.

9:42 AM
Lake Mead

I’m sitting here, alone, looking out at clear, blue sky, lapping waves and towering mountains.  The sun is warm and the sand between my toes is cool.

I don’t mean to brag and boast, but that’s my new “office”.

At once I feel filled with gratitude that THIS is my life.  I didn’t get up because I had to get up, put on a suit and trudge off to a cubicle.  I got up for this.  And this is worth getting up for me.

I put this mind map together years ago.  Recently the topic of the 4 Hour Work Week has come up in a handful of conversations.  Each time it started with someone asserting it wasn’t possible.

I had to correct them – “It is possible and I’ve done it for years.”

If you haven’t read the 4 Hour Work Week, it’s been a life-changing mindset for many.

If you have read the 4 Hour Work Week, but you’re not yet living it, then grab my 26-page cheat sheet and mind map.  They’re packed full of resources to make it happen.  Most of it is a summary of Tim Ferris’ but I’ve added some of my own ideas, insights and resources to the mix.

Introducing the 4 Hour Work Week Cheat Sheet and Mind Map

This Dream is Possible and Worth Living

Inside you will find . . .

Dozens of Tools & Resources

Most of the tools and resources are free, or offer free versions.  This is a power-packed tool box that will give you the leverage you need.

Key Point Summaries

Tim covers a ton of information in the 4 Hour Work Week.  I’ve distilled the key points for easy reminders – hey, that’s why we call it a “Cheat Sheet”.

Action Plans

Make it happen, get it done.  Action plans are included that cover:  defining your vision, eliminating distractions, automating your life, achieving liberation, becoming an expert and more.

This can all be yours for only ….

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