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Summer Is Almost Here – Are You Ready to Live the 4-Hour Work Week?

You’ve Read the 4-Hour Work Week and Now It’s Time to Make It Happen With This Cheat Sheet and Mind Map Power-Pack

. . . Because you’d rather spend your summer at the beach, at the pool, on vacation.

9:42 AM
Lake Mead

I’m sitting here, alone, looking out at clear, blue sky, lapping waves and towering mountains.  The sun is warm and the sand between my toes is cool.

Four Hour Work Week Cheat Sheet and Mind Map

I don’t mean to brag and boast, but that’s my new “office”.

At once I feel filled with gratitude that THIS is my life.  I didn’t get up because I had to get up, put on a suit and trudge off to a cubicle.  I got up for this.  And this is worth getting up for me.

I put this mind map together years ago.  Recently the topic of the 4 Hour Work Week has come up in a handful of conversations.  Each time it started with someone asserting it wasn’t possible.

I had to correct them – “It is possible and I’ve done it for years.”

If you haven’t read the 4 Hour Work Week, it’s been a life-changing mindset for many.

If you have read the 4 Hour Work Week, but you’re not yet living it, then grab my 26-page cheat sheet and mind map.  They’re packed full of resources to make it happen.  Most of it is a summary of Tim Ferris’ but I’ve added some of my own ideas, insights and resources to the mix.

Introducing the 4 Hour Work Week Cheat Sheet and Mind Map

This Dream is Possible and Worth Living

Four Hour Work Week Cheat Sheet and Mind Map

Inside you will find . . .

Dozens of Tools & Resources

Most of the tools and resources are free, or offer free versions.  This is a power-packed tool box that will give you the leverage you need.

Key Point Summaries

Tim covers a ton of information in the 4 Hour Work Week.  I’ve distilled the key points for easy reminders – hey, that’s why we call it a “Cheat Sheet”.

Action Plans

Make it happen, get it done.  Action plans are included that cover:  defining your vision, eliminating distractions, automating your life, achieving liberation, becoming an expert and more.

This can all be yours for only ….

Four Hour Work Week Cheat Sheet and Mind Map

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