Discover The Ingenious Method of Generating Cold, Hard, Cash Commissions When Other People Promote Their Product to Their Own List

Now, we’re all here to make money. Some of us know how to do it, “TRULY“, and others are just talking smack out their ass. 

And the sad thing is that most people have no real idea of the difference. 

Listen, affiliate marketing is smart. You KNOW that. Can you name ONE successful marketer that only promotes their own products and nobody else’s?


Yet THE WAY most people go about affiliate marketing is ALL WRONG.

The way most affiliates HOPE to make money . . . it’s absolutely dumbfounding but it’s what they’ve been taught to do so it really isn’t their fault.

“It’s not your fault” is a cliche’ but YOU TRUSTED THEM! It really ISN’T YOUR FAULT!

They said they knew what they were talking about. And you believed them because the GURUS said they knew what they were talking about (while they pulled cash out of your pockets to fund their bitchin’ lifestyle)

They used you because that’s what they do – they use people.

When you consider the lemming path (throw up crap because Joe Blow said it’s easy and it works) PLUS the HUGE mistake of confusing a commission check with an asset it’s not hard to see why people are not getting anywhere.

Here’s a fix . . .

. . . and it’s on the cheap no less – because SMART WORKS and nobody will ever invent push-button software to replace SMART (not in the Internet marketing arena, that is).

In this special report, appropriately named “High Response Traffic”, a method for getting merchants to email their list using your affiliate link is detailed.

Yes, you read that right. MERCHANTS are going to email THEIR lists using YOUR affiliate link.

You’ll learn how to do that too.

Of course I’ve done this myself numerous times and generated thousands of dollars in commissions. (You are correct, technically $2000 is “thousands” . . . and we’re talking WAY more than that but of course results are going to vary so that’s as specific as we’re going to get here, thank you FTC – besides using income claims to sell a product is bush league, small-time baby). 

Plus, the merchant wins, the customer wins, and you win – everyone wins (except maybe the affiliates who aren’t savvy to this approach but this is not an entitlement system; it’s a win-the-day system).

Is this black hat? NO!

Does this involve cookie stuffing? NO!

Is this difficult to implement? NO!

Do I have to buy expensive software? NO!

Is this take the bull by the b…horns aggressive? Hell yeah.

Do not buy this product if you think/hope you’re going to make something doing nothing of value. Good marketers create, communicate and deliver value.

Think about how hard the lady across the street might be working to feed her children, working a second job cleaning toilets. 

It is nothing short of amazing that with 20 hours of hard work you *could* make more money than the average American makes in a MONTH and then replicate it over and over for little additional effort, simply by capitalizing on existing assets that every good marketer has sitting around.

If the price of admission is too much to risk then keep your cash (ie, I don’t answer stupid questions – I DEMAND you think for yourself.  I just don’t deal well with Lozers and you need to know this now because I don’t apologize for it). It’s my way of executing 80/20 or 20/80, depending on your perspective. You know what we’re talking about.  😉

All the best to you – X

PS – Of course this little lead generation scheme (that is what this is) is intended to get you on a list. You want to be on my list. I’m not going to start sending you endless promos for crap. I don’t promote crap, ever. OK, 2 or 3 times in the last 9 years I did promote something I later regretted but I’m not ____________ and I’m not __________. And I am definitely not ________

PSS – Here’s what you get: 

A 22-page report that explains what nobody else has ever told you about traffic, and the type of traffic you should be focused on (low-risk, high-response). The report then shows you two EXPLOSIVE methods for leveraging the products and lists of others to produce EASY sales.

Sorry, no, the report does not include a 5-page long definition and explanation of what affiliate marketing is. I make the assumption you already know.

My products are A) Kick ass entertaining and B) Well-written, to-the-point, high-octane jet fuel. C) What I teach is tried, tested, TRUE. I’ve been in this game for 19 years now – long enough to lose my hair and watch my beard start to grey but I still look damn good in a ____________________. High Response Traffic :: Volume One


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