Attention Affiliates and Joint Venture Marketers:

Are Product Vendors Siphoning Away Your Most Valuable Assets, Without Dishing You a Single Dime?

You Bet – And That’s Only The Beginning

Amigos y amigas . . .

You don’t need to learn a new language to understand this – it makes sense to any fool that when you can make more money doing what you’re already doing, you do it.

In fact, what I have to share with you works so powerfully well that you might wonder if it’s even legal . . .

john-barker-roundHi, this is John.

You may know me as “X”, author of the Adwords Black Book, The IMXFiles, the Affiliate Black Book and other killer, buzz-worthy products.

Or you may not be familiar with me, but you can ask any successful affiliate marketer and they’ll tell you: “X is legendary”. (Internet marketing is a copycat business – why do you think so many products are named “black book” or “X” . . . EXACTLY.)

I am finally putting my face out there because let’s face it – it’s a good face. Ah, just kidding but I understand that some people – some who need my help the most – will choose to not do business with some anonymous character they don’t know.

Great – cross that excuse off the list and let’s go . . .

What I want to tell you about today is for anybody who promotes other people’s products or services with an affiliate link.  If you’re an affiliate marketer, or you’re a joint venture partner sending traffic to sell other people’s products and services online then this is for you.

I’m going to tell you about what I have that can help you quickly and easily increase your commissions without increasing the amount of traffic you currently have to send.  Even better news, when you earn more money you can afford to spend more money on traffic.  As they say, “the rich get richer”.

Now, maybe you’ve wanted to share something with your tribe a useful Youtube video, or share a worthwhile article.  Maybe you’d like to be able to send people to a Facebook page.  Maybe you’d like to bypass a squeeze page and build your own list.  Or drive traffic to a webinar.  And maybe you’d like to get paid for those products your partner sells on the back-end that are conveniently sold through another tracking platform.

But the reason you haven’t shared is because UNTIL NOW you know you’re not going to get paid.  This changes that.

Look, what I just said might have your head spinning so let me put this into simple language – what I have to share with you is a tool and training that make it easy for you to send traffic anywhere you want and to drop your affiliate cookie at any point in your promotional process – and even drop multiple affiliate tracking cookies to ensure that you’re paid for more the commissions you’ve actually earned.

Introducing, Soda Popper

Affiliate Link Cloaking Wordpress Plugin

There is an easy to install and use WordPress tool that has helped many people radically increase their commission checks.  This tool can help you build bigger lists, earn more commissions, and get paid for more sales.

And in fact, you may notice the number of sales and commissions you produce will double, or triple.

Bullet points

So here’s how works . . .

  1. You give your link a name, like any cloaking/redirect tool.  Example:
  2. You enter the destination URL – that’s the page you want to send your traffic to.  That could be a webinar registration form, the page after a squeeze page (so you gain the email address instead), direct to the shopping cart, to an article, a video, a Facebook page – anywhere.
  3. You enter your affiliate link.
Check out this short video if you’d like to see Soda Popper in action.

Here’s what happens next.

When the link in step one is clicked your prospect will be redirected to the page you want them to visit.  In the background your affiliate cookie is placed.  They’ll see no window open or page load and they’ll hear no audio or video play.  It’s quick, clean, quiet and effective.

Plus you’ll learn to begin creating all links using Soda Popper so that you can change any link you’ve created and place, anywhere, on seconds.

If you’ve created a link with Soda Popper and put that link in an ebook or report, you can change the destination of that link in thousands of ebooks by swapping one url for another.

If you’ve created an ad using Google Adwords or Facebook but you want to change the destination, you don’t need to alter your ad – just change the link in your WordPress admin panel.

Recently I sent out a broadcast message I set up months ago for an offer the vendor removed, unknown to me.  As soon as I discovered it I quickly changed the destination and redirected thousands of people.  That alone paid for this plugin 30-times over.

Here’s a Partial List of What Soda Popper Can Do For You

  • Increase the odds of being properly credited for the sales you earn
  • Disguises your affiliate status with Google
  • Adds credibility by removing the “he’s only promoting this to make a buck” stigma
  • Allows you to send people to the location most likely to result in a sale
  • Quickly manage and change links from one location that you control
  • Provides immediate click-tracking to measure response
  • Works with all affiliate tracking platforms that we tested
  • Unleashes your creativity and expertise as a marketer
  • Helps you get the credit you deserve on back-end sales too
Hey X,

I had a little niche site that was sending traffic to a Clickbank affiliate offer, and this pathetic little site hadn’t seen a sale in six months, despite having sent over 1500 clicks to the offer in that time. I knew the problem was the horrific lead capture process in place on their site; however I didn’t have an easy way of bypassing that.Anyways, I installed Soda Popper a couple weeks ago, which of course allows me to drop the affiliate cookie, all while direct linking to the actual sales page, thus bypassing the multitude of popups and whatever else they’ve got going there. Altogether, it took probably 10 minutes to install and set up my new affiliate links. Set it and forget it.Since then I’ve started seeing sales again! Thanks much for a very cool plugin, I’m sure there are more creative ways I can start using this as well.


Jonathan Boettcher


No Brainer: If You Ever Use Affiliate Links You Need Soda Popper

Like I told you before, Soda Popper is an easy to install WordPress plugin.  You’ll upload it to your WordPress site, configure its options and within 5 minutes your first link will be ready to go.  It’s a very simple plugin but don’t underestimate its power.

DISCLAIMER: Now, I’m not saying that Soda Popper alone will generate commissions for you.  You will need the right offer and the right traffic.  But if you have those then you will earn more money with the same traffic, guaranteed – even if you write truly crappy copy.

“If you’re an affiliate marketer or you promote other people’s products, services or webinars using affiliate links then this offer is for you.”


Now, I’ve been using tools like this for over 12 years.  That makes me a master at using it in very creative ways.  And as a bonus I am also going to include five advanced training videos that will show you a myriad of ways and ideas to use Soda Popper to earn more money.  That video training alone could sell for $100 or more because I’ve sold less for more.

So if you wondering what it will cost it’s only $27 which is less than 10% of the price a competitor is selling a similar product for ($297 and the idea swiped from me, no less).  $27 is about 25% of what I will be selling this for as a part of a bigger package in the very near future.

There is no risk to you for taking action – the risk is to not.  Without Soda Popper You Are Losing Commissions You’ve Earned, Guaranteed

If you don’t like Soda Popper and you don’t find the advanced training’s useful then I will give you your money back if you ask me for it within 30 days of your purchase.  

But I have to remind you the price will go up to at least $100 when I have finished putting together “the complete package”.

If this seems appealing to you and you wish you could generate more commissions from the same traffic, have greater control over where you send your links and change your links on the fly from one central command center then this is for you.  All you have to do is grab it using the link below.

That’s all I have for you today.

Adios – John R Barker

 ” In order to be a player on the fast track, you will need to have a plan on how to gain more and more control.  On the fast track, it is control more than money that counts.”  – Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Here’s What You Get

Affiliate Link Cloaking Wordpress Plugin

  • Soda Popper v1.12 with an unlimited personal-use license. Use it on as many of your sites as you want.
  • Free updates on v1 fixes and fair discounts on future versions
  • A stupid-simple installation guide, if you need it
  • PLUS bonus videos (with valid email after purchase) that give you a number of killer use ideas. I could probably upsell you on this for $47 but it’s included.

These include

  • How to use Soda Popper to gain link love
  • Bypassing squeeze pages
  • How to direct link to order forms
  • How to use with social media like Facebook, Twitter . . . even YouTube
  • How to turn product flops into product winners
  • How to setup your own sales process
  • Use Soda Popper to build big, targeted lists
  • How to use Soda Popper for real-time tracking
  • How to centralize your links and save huge time


Soda Popper is not a toy, nor is it something that you should drink. It can help quench your thirst for commissions but it’s not for ingestion.

Neither John Barker, nor Factor X Marketing can, nor do, make any promises regarding earnings. There is no “average earnings” claim. Some people could kill it and most people won’t. And you know why.

We’re not responsible for you or your business. We offer the best tool and service we can and that probably won’t please some people but we wouldn’t do this if we didn’t expect to please the most.

The tolerance level for whining, crying and trouble making at Factor X Marketing is set near zero. Respect us and we’ll respect you. We’re not here to babysit anyone and if you have emotional problems you’d be wise to select an easier target. We will abuse the hell out of you right back. Show us the love, and we’ll love you right back.

Soda Popper may not work on all web hosts and some hosts may require different plugin configurations. We are not responsible for resolving these issues.

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