Getting the Right People in the Right Seats is important throughout your life – it extends beyond business building to family, mentors, friends and social networks.

Getting the right people in the right seats doesn’t need to be cost-prohibitive.  Through outsourcing to other countries you can attract and utilize highly talented people who are willing and able to work at rates far below the geographic location you’re based in.

The “right people” are those who share the core values of your business.  The “right people” are those who fit into your culture.  “The right seats” means putting the “right people” into the job that best utilizes their abilities.  Often, especially in small businesses, a person in a key position is simply not able to perform the responsibilities they’ve been tasked with.  These situations are called “Turtle on a post”.  The turtle can’t fly, so it can’t get down.  And since the turtle can’t climb someone had to put them in that position.  No matter how well the “turtle” fits the culture, they’re simply unable to do the job and they need to be moved to a position where they can thrive or let go.

Finally, Jim Collins himself drives the point home – “First who, then what”.  First you get “the right people on the bus, and the wrong people off the bus” and then you decide where the bus is going.  The right people comes before the right strategy, the right technology, the right marketing strategy.  First who, THEN what.

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