“The Truth You Need to Hear to
Make the Leap You Want to Take”

Here’s how this is going to work:

You and I will meet up virtually, as you like.  Phone, Skype, Google Hangouts – whatever works best for you.

I take a look at what you’re doing, what you have to work with and what you want to achieve.

Once we have those details, I help you come up with a strategic plan of  action to immediately increase your profits dramatically.

You should expect that if you put my advice into action your investment in one of my “Constructive Criticism” sessions will pay for itself many times over.

Details of the deal:

1.  Only 12 hours of time are available.  First come, first served.  The minimum is 30-minutes – and 30 minutes can change your life.

2.  Absolutely no refunds on time spent.  If you spend 15 minutes with me and *you decide* this isn’t going to work we’ll refund you pro-rated but that’s the line.  If I decide it’s not going to work we’ll refund 100%.  (This has never happened, either way but it’s good to be clear.)

3.  You will own any work derived from these sessions – and no details about your business will ever be revealed, nor will John R. Barker, or Factor X Marketing, compete with you – if we believe there may be a conflict of interest we’ll let you know immediately.

4.  At this time no other arrangements will be considered.  No profit-sharing in lieu, etc.

5.  It’s your job to show up and ask for what you need.  If you don’t know, exactly, what you need then a list of problems, sticking points, concerns, fears, considerations, etc, is just as useful.

There is no promise this offer, or anything similar, will ever occur again – and that’s not false scarcity it just is what it is and what it is, is what it is.

6.  Since time is limited, no more than 2 hours – 4 sessions – may be ordered.

REMEMBER – Only 12 hours available TOTAL.  When those 12 hours are claimed, this offer is closed.
Discounts offered when purchasing 2 or 4 sessions.

Meeting Options

If you need assistance please see the help desk.

Hard Sell, Unnecessary

If you don’t see the immediate value this offer probably isn’t for you.

But here’s how it is –

Anyone can take a great system and implement it.  And yet results are going to vary.  Why?  Because if success was purely mechanical then it would be easy to manufacture.

That’s not how it is.

It’s why pizza tastes better in NYC.

It’s why vinyl sounds better than a CD.

It’s why a bottle of Dom Perignon commands just a few bucks more than Earnest and Julio.

If you’ve done your work and the results aren’t quite “there” – I can help you with the “it”.

If you’ve had success but you want to kick it up – I can help.

If you’re totally overwhelmed by the flood of BS and can’t decide which way to go – I can help.

Meeting Options

 If you need assistance please see the help desk.

Where’s the Greed?!

FACT:  We could get greedy on the pricing and still sell out.  Or, I could do like the “gurus” do and make up some fantasy number about how I charge $25,000 per day or $3000 per hour (sure you do).

So, why not?

Here’s why –

This offer should be accessible to anyone.

Seriously, if you’re not willing to commit even $97.00 for a half-hour of time with, perhaps, the most influential affiliate marketer in the world . . . you might want to question how committed you are.

Spots are limited – will you thank yourself later for missing out on this opportunity?

Ah, one more thing . . .

We can meet via phone, Skype, whatever you like.  I prefer to use MeetingBurner which allows us to talk, but also to view on-screen materials.  I can also record these sessions for your purposes, whatever they may be.

Meeting Options

PS – There is a price discount offered when you order more than one session.  To purchase more than one selection, see the drop-down box under the order button.

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