As far back as 2008, and for some even earlier, many marketers using Google Adwords began losing their accounts.

In 2010 I lost one of my accounts.

I understand the frustration.  And I’m in the unique position of being able to evaluate the ads and the landing pages of many people who’ve had issues.

Because Google Adwords’ support is extremely vague the underlying issues seemed impossible to pinpoint.

Add to that the non-sense noise from people whining, crying, and speculating (wrongly) and it was just easier for most to say “Screw Google” and move along to the next best options – like Facebook and Bing.

Well, guess what?  Now that Facebook and Bing (partners, BTW) have built their customer base they’re following in Google’s footsteps – Facebook is banishing ad accounts in a big way.

You will hear all the same excuses, reasons and whining you heard with Google Adwords.  Just wait for it.  Nobody is going to attempt to determine what the real issue is, they’ll just keep doing what they’ve done and attempt to sell the market on the next less-effective traffic source.


History Repeats – Experience is Helpful

Because I’ve been at this IM game for 16 years now I know a few things.  I’ve tried the shortcuts.  I was once a master at gaming the system.  It was fun – a game.

I like games you know, but I like enduring results more.  I simply hate redoing work and like my momma said


“If you ain’t got time to do it right,
when will you have time to do it over?”


Let’s start with an example.  I’m going to pick on Perry Marshall, not because I have any issue with Perry, but because he presented himself as an Adwords expert and when that market was decimated he moved on to positioning himself as Facebook expert.  And yet, his approach hasn’t changed, he hasn’t learned from the mistakes of the past – and best of all, we have a live example of the core issue.

Here’s a screen shot of an ad Perry is currently running on Facebook – read the ad, and then read the comments:




Perry ought to  be savvy enough that he’s targeting the right crowd.  But based on these comments do you think he is?

Perry has earned a certain level of respect I think he deserves but would you like to read comments like these when you’re PAYING for the privilege?

First question, how is the market receiving his message?  How are people who aren’t aware of his history viewing him?  And so far this campaign is going MUCH better than the previous one targeting Tim Ferris and 4 Hour Work Week fans – that was absolutely disastrous.

Let’s also keep in mind that many people on Facebook are pissed off that they have to look at ads anyway.

Clearly the direct response style ad is a failure.  I don’t know Perry’s number and I don’t care – if this is the feedback from the audience it’s a failure IMHO.

Second question, how do you think Facebook feels when this is the experience people are having with their product?  Do you think they’re saying “Yeah, let’s get more of this in the mix” – or do you think they’re saying “This is a disaster, we need to get rid of this and everything like it.”

Now this isn’t only speculation on my part.  I do not pretend to be the Facebook guru.  But I have an intimate understanding of the Google Adwords problem so it’s super-simple for me to predict the issue.

But here’s confirmation from someone I know that does a lot of business with Facebook and has regular contact with “insiders” at the company –


“they shared with us they want the opposite of direct response marketing” 


They want the opposite of direct response marketing?

What does that mean?  What does “direct response marketing” look like?

  • Long form sales letter
  • Video sales letters
  • Hype, unsubstantiated claims
  • Claims that focused on pushing emotional buttons rather than providing solutions to problems
  • Forced opt-in, “ethical bribes”
  • Advertorials
  • CPA-style offers


This is how a jaded market responds to what the IM niche is teaching you to do.

This is how a jaded market responds to what the IM niche is teaching you to do.
Even Perry Marshall comes across as a snake oil salesman – others agree.


And what are the usual suspects of “direct response marketing”

  • Supplements
  • Weight loss
  • Dating
  • Make money



More jokes at Perry’s expense – but are his claims believable?  Provable?  Likely?

Here are examples of what you need to go for – and sorry we’re not addressing landing pages today but generally speaking, no don’t use anything you’d find in Lead Pages – look at ads that you’re being shown and observe what the landing pages look like – not just design but what’s there and what isn’t there?  What is the tone?  What kind of claims are being made?


Is Amazon’s claim sensational or practical?  If this type of ad works for a
billion dollar company why wouldn’t it work for your company?


We’re dealing with the subject matter of money with Dave Ramsey.  Are the claims in his ad practical or sensational?  He’s not declaring “How to Pay Off Up to $200,000 in Debt in the Next 24 Months!”  He’s sharing the stories of real people with no hype.  (Note, I just noticed this isn’t an ad but this is exactly what a good ad would look like – just look at the number of likes, comments and shares).


Hype?  Or practical, provable claims?


Hype?  Or practical claims?

Compare this to a IM style approach that would say something like

“Underground Guru Reveals the Closely Guarded Secret to
Generating Over 200,000 Visits in the Next 30 Days – Free!”

So no, I do not expect these ads produce as well as the old-style emotional button pushers.  But if you aren’t able to run ads at all, which is better?  I happen to think, to know, there’s a place in between – a hybrid.

If you’re in the Business Builders program we’ll talk about the new style of marketing that emphasizes taking your prospects through the process of what you want them to pay you for.  The result is a better educated customer that hasn’t been emotionally manipulated – a customer who really understands and wants what you have to offer.  And a more committed customer willing to pay more too.

My time is up – I hope I’ve made my point.  What used to work no longer works.  It doesn’t matter if you’re attempting to drive traffic in this way as a merchant selling your own product, or as an affiliate.  This isn’t about being an affiliate and it never was – it’s all about the “direct response” approach.  It’s history my friends and it’s time to move forward.

All the best to you – John

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