Weekly Trend Reports

How much would you pay someone to create

Weekly Trend Reports??

That keep you up to date on your marketing, blogging or article writing.

Time is money my money friend.  It’s hard to run your business, innovate and still have a life. Having access to the latest trends each week affords you the luxury of digesting hours worth of research for pennies on the dollar.

But to be clear; staying on top of trends isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

These reports contain some of the best trend reporting sources like:

  • Google
  • File Sharing
  • News
  • Ask.com
  • Twitter

What does the report contain?

Detailed data on over 60 trends tracked weekly and updated with a FULL PAGE of data for each trend. Easy to access search links, 10 people to follow on twitter and more information is just a click away.

How does it help your business?

I don’t care if you blog, write articles or participate in social networks and forums all day. You need to know the latest trends and more importantly, talking about them with your audience. Ask questions on twitter today about Tiger Woods and see how many replies you get.

What does it look like?

It’s a 61 page PDF document (page one is a summary of all 60 trends). Some content is repeated across different trend tracking sources so approximately 50 unique trends are tracked.

Download a sample page to see for yourself.


What makes this report so special?

Absolutely nothing. We don’t claim any “secret sources” or to have any psychic abilities. We use easy to obtain trend data and compile it in a format that is friendly to internet marketers and content creators. We have simply done the hard labor of creating this report so you don’t have to spend hours trying to research trends on your own.

How much will this report cost you?

I think if you paid someone $50 per week for this report you would be getting a good deal. However, since we plan to sell quite a few of these we are going to offer an introductory price of just $2 for the first report and if you like it, $8 per month for weekly updates by email.

Download Now – Only $2

$2 for initial trend report, then just $8 per month

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